“The only person who could clearly see the vehicle in front of you, who might have thrown something out of a window, is in a medically induced coma.”

BUFFALO, NY – The only witness Erie County District Attorney John Flynn wants to hear about the police chase through the streets of Buffalo on Thursday is the officer who is hospitalized for the chase.

At the last report, Officer Jonathan Negron was in trauma intensive care at Erie County Medical Center with severe head injuries.

The injuries occurred at the end of the short chase. An SUV with four men inside drove through Mount Calvary Cemetery and exited the northeast corner of the property toward Harlem Avenue.

As the SUV hit the road, it crashed into two vehicles and broke a light pole.

Flynn said, “Officer Negron was following at least a car length or two behind the car, and the bar happened to fall when the car came at the same time.”

Part of the light pole cracked through the driver’s side window of the patrol car Negron was driving.

According to prosecutors, all four occupants of the SUV fled on foot. The police arrested them all. Only the driver, a 16-year-old Rochester man, was charged.

The 16-year-old’s name has not been published due to his age. He is currently being held without bail in Erie County Juvenile Detention Center where he is charged with assaulting a police officer and illegally escaping from a police officer in a motor vehicle. Both charges are crimes.

The entire case originated with an 911 call. Flynn says a woman reported a brightly colored SUV that had four men in it wearing masks and there was a gun. Negron was nearby and spotted an SUV that appeared to match the description, and Flynn says the SUV took off and the chase began.

The prosecutor says investigators have been told since the crash that there may be more than one firearm in the SUV. However, a search of the vehicle, the cemetery and the pursuit route revealed no weapons.

Flynn says Negron might be an important witness if they could interview him.

“The only person who could clearly see the vehicle in front of them, who might have thrown something out of a window, is currently in a medically induced coma. We can’t talk to him, ”said Flynn.