PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – This year’s Well Fest took place on Saturday and Sunday. All events were virtually online and free to the public. Usually Soulside Healing Arts hold their Well Fest outdoors and in bulk, but due to COVID-19, they had to put things online this year.

Virtual events took place throughout the weekend. More than 20 holistic wellness sessions were available. Sessions included: Yin Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Health Questions and Answers, Black Mental Health Questions, Reiki, and Energy Healing.

“We’re seeing a really wonderful number of registrants for this event,” said Hannah Ramlo, Executive Director, Soulside Healing Arts. “It seems like something people really need right now. This form of connection also virtually. “

“Although we all have Zoom meetings and work online, meeting with the intent to create space for healing and wellness is a very different matter,” said Ramlo. “So there is a lot of community in these meetings.”

The virtual keynote session was a Sunday panel with three social work and counseling experts to discuss collective trauma and healing modalities.

The panel focused on how trauma can manifest itself in a variety of ways, especially on a large scale when it comes to collective, societal trauma. The panel was moderated by WMBD news anchor Shelbey Roberts.

The experts discussed how trauma manifests itself in society: numbness, helplessness, “fight, flight or freeze” reactions are just some of the most common symptoms. They also provided opportunities to protect yourself from the trauma of the events of 2020.

Ramlo said she was happy to put these wellness resources online for free to put on the public radar.

“During this time when people may be more isolated, they still have connections with these resources,” Ramlo said.

Ramlo said holistic wellbeing goes beyond physical health and also takes into account emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Soulside Healing Arts offers weekly virtual yoga classes and other holistic wellness events. Donation packs can also be purchased to support the studio. All information can be found at