The accident occurred in Madurantakam when a car belonging to a family from Chennai collided with a truck

Four family members, including three women, and a driver died after the car they were traveling in collided with a truck on the Chennai-Tiruchi highway near Maduranthakam early Wednesday.

According to the police, Subramani (85) from Karanchavadi, Poonamalee, his wife Indrani (75), daughter Mahalakshmi (50) and granddaughter Shantini (18) drove to Samayapuram in Tiruchi in a car driven by Paul Dinakaran (24). a resident of Mangadu.

The family returned to Chennai early Wednesday morning. When the vehicle was near Anthimanam in Madurantakam, the driver of a truck parked on the roadside began to turn his vehicle around. The car rammed into the truck and got stuck under the rear wheels of the heavy vehicle.

All five died on the spot. Passers-by alerted Pattalam police to the accident, and Tamil Nadu Fire and Rescue Services (TNFRS) were called in to remove the bodies from the car. TNFRS workers used hydraulic cutters and spreaders to remove the bodies from the car.

The truck driver Thangasami (31) from Manapparai flees. The truck was confiscated by the police. “We’re looking for the truck driver,” said one policeman.

Due to the accident, traffic on the motorway was impaired for several hours.