Qiana Aviles From a rough past to building a beauty empire!

Qiana Aviles Qiana Aviles New York, New York, February 8, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – In addition to being the queen of style and grace, Qiana Aviles is the founder and CEO of more than three companies in the New York beauty arena City. And one of them is the Nail Lounge. Originally from Puerto Rico, Aviles was born and raised on the streets of Brooklyn where she was raised humiliated and loved by many. Although her family was very close and supportive due to unfortunate circumstances, Qiana’s family also had a criminal history. Before turning her life around and making some serious lifestyle changes, she shared a prison cell with her mother. She was arrested in New Jersey in 1998 when she was only 18 years old. After her release, Qiana’s mindset changed. She made the decision to go back to school and realize her lifelong dream of becoming an entrepreneur by enrolling at Baruch College for Finance. During her studies, the businesswoman was already planning her next step. All of a sudden it occurred to me that she couldn’t shake. At the time, she was also working in real estate. She quickly realized that Washington Heights lacked a quality nail salon in the area and that this was the ideal opportunity for her first business. Five months later, she opened her Salon Nail Lounge on the corner of Broadway and Dyckman Streets. The Nail Lounge is the perfect mix between a nail salon and a night lounge. Qiana wanted to create a relaxed atmosphere where customers could come in, sit at the bar and be pampered. The intertwined concept captured the hearts of many (along with its beautiful nail art) and luckily for Qiana it was a hit from day one. The salon has now hosted several A-list celebrities. It has also been featured in a variety of magazines and blogs. But that’s not the only trick Qiana has up her sleeve. She also runs a hair care business called Vida Essentials, which happened to be made from a formula her mom took from her kitchen. The products contain 100% naturally organic plant-based ingredients that stimulate hair growth and restore hair damage. Today the Vida brand has its own e-commerce website and production warehouse. Latina also operates two other companies on the fringes. One of the two is their own line of nail polishes called Q&A Lux Lacquer, which has over 20 stunning shades in both regular polish and gel polish. The other is a Beauty Med Spa right next to the Nail Lounge called Face & Body NYC. Obviously, she has her hands full with four successful companies. But Qiana also values ​​finding time to give something back to her needy community. The Nail Lounge worked for the local children’s hospital and provided free manicures for patients. They also got involved in prom season, helping young girls prepare for their special day with a fresh mani. “Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing the look of happiness on these girls’ faces,” says Aviles. “They remind me of what I lived and everything I went through to get here.” Qiana’s next goal is to learn about prison reform and how she can stand up for the cause. For its businesses, the Nail Lounge is slated to find its way to Edgewater, New Jersey and Miami, Florida by 2021. The salon will be added along with her two other companies, Face & Body and Vida Essentials. We tell her that she has already done everything, but she replies, “I haven’t done everything yet.” Well, we’re excited to see what this persistent, warm-hearted Latina does next. Follow the rest of Qiana’s journey on her social media. Buy Vida Essentials at If you’re based in NYC, book your nail appointment and buy Q&A Lux Lacquer on Media details Company: Nail Lounge Email: Website: Attachment Qiana Aviles