According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are more than 42 million visits to the emergency room and nearly 84 million visits to doctors for injuries each year. If you’ve had an accident and suffered an injury that warranted a doctor’s visit, consider hiring a lawyer.

You were in a car accident and weren’t to blame? These six signs can indicate that a lawyer is required.

Severe injury

If your injury is severe enough to make you unable to work, hiring a lawyer can be vital. The insurance company will most likely base your compensation on how severe your injuries are, which means they can possibly try to make it appear that your injuries are not serious. A lawyer will fight for your legal rights to get you the compensation that warrants your violations.

Permanent injury

A permanent or disabling injury is definitely one that requires a personal injury attorney. If you are disabled or have other long-term health needs, compensation can include future lost wages, future medical care, and loss of society. Obtaining such compensation can be complicated, so you will need to speak to an attorney about your injuries.

Manufacturing defects

Cars are made up of many mechanical parts, and if one of those parts fails, the consequences can be devastating. If your accident was caused by a defective mechanical part, you can submit a complaint to the manufacturer.

If your injury is severe enough to make you unable to work, hiring a lawyer can be vital.

Remember, automakers have in-house lawyers whose job it is to fight claims like yours. You need an attorney who has experience battling large manufacturers in order to receive adequate compensation.

Insurance company refuses to pay

Insurance companies are often unwilling to pay claims because their main goal is to protect their own bottom line. They can offer you an extremely low severance payment or decline your claim entirely. When these things happen, you need to speak to an attorney before accepting any of the insurance company’s offers to make sure you don’t miss out.

If the insurance company tries to deny your claim, you need an attorney who will work to ensure that you get what you are entitled to.

Error is unclear

Chances are that the other driver’s guilt is not clear, or several other vehicles were involved. In some states, your compensation must be reduced by this percentage if you owe even a small amount.

Other states have laws that do not allow you to collect at all if you find yourself at fault. If you have any questions about fault, you want to contact an attorney.

Driving under the influence

If the accident involved a person who was driving under the influence of alcohol, it is very important that you speak to a lawyer. Drunk driving is a serious crime in any state and the person who caused your accident could face prison terms.

In most cases, a driver who is under the influence is found to be at fault and responsible for the damages. However, you will need an attorney who is experienced in handling drunk driving cases.

If you have been injured in an accident and any of these scenarios apply to your situation, you can speak to a car accident attorney for free. A lawyer can answer your questions and give you an estimate of the value of your case.