In the last five years in particular, the progress has been aimed at patient-centered access to medical care. In addition, the integration of technology is an excellent support for personal care and better treatment.

Unlike in the past, the chiropractic industry is gradually gaining popularity on a global scale. More and more doctors are now recommending chiropractic to their patients. Chiropractic makes a significant contribution to the prevention of opioid addiction. In addition, this practice offers an efficient alternative to invasive surgical procedures. Listed below are key new trends in the chiropractic industry.

1. Medical marijuana

Medical marijuana use is a new trend that won’t be fading anytime soon. In recent years, the number of patients who have switched to medical marijuana has grown dramatically. Although it is somewhat controversial, more and more patients are investigating this treatment option.

Medical marijuana is exemplary therapeutic. It has the ability to relieve pain without causing adverse psychological effects. More and more states are legalizing this treatment option. Some chiropractors have embraced the use of CBD as an alternative to medical marijuana. With CBD, the results are similar to using medical marijuana.

2. Technology trends for patients

Most patients invest in Smart wearables. In essence, wearable medical technology enables patients to better understand their health. Patients are now proactive in tracking their health progress and wellbeing. Smart wearables include fitness watches, heart rate monitors, and sleep trackers.

Upcoming mobile apps will also enable patients to keep track of their health data. With these apps, patients can assess their blood sugar, their eating habits and their blood pressure. As a result, patients can switch to better health decisions and practices. Patient records provide much-needed insight to advance holistic treatment.

3. Social Media Marketing

The chiropractic industry has seen massive growth and popularity in conventional medicine. However, most young people are unaware of this life changing practice. You still have to realize the unmatched benefits of chiropractic treatment.

Social media is an excellent channel to reach the younger target group. As a modern day chiropractor, creating a website is not enough. Get active on social media and engage your target market. In this day and age, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are useful social media sites.

Social media marketing is pocket-friendly. You can run sponsored ads and campaigns for a minimal fee. As a chiropractor, health articles, pictures, and videos enhance the personalization of your practice.

4. Marketing beyond your neck and back

As chiropractic advances, chiropractors are now expanding beyond treating the neck and back. In the past, chiropractic dealt only with spinal problems. Currently, neck pain accounts for a third of chiropractic visits. On the flip side, back pain accounts for two-thirds of these visits.

Modern chiropractic deals with various health conditions, some of which are unrelated to neck and back pain. These problems include insomnia, infertility, migraines, cerebral palsy, anxiety, PTSD, and depression. However, most people know the benefits of chiropractic even more than treating the neck and back. It would be fundamental if modern chiropractors were to market these alternative services equally.

5. Results evaluation tools

As a rule, optimal assessment tools are useful to ensure optimal patient-oriented care. These tools make it possible to assess a patient’s medical progress and pain.

Outcome assessment tools enable clinicians to develop better diagnosis, treatment, and exercise therapies. Even better, most insurance companies encourage the use of these assessment tools. Hence, they are easily accessible and affordable for practicing chiropractors and patients.

6. Cloud-based recording systems

Initially, the chiropractic industry used on-line systems to record and store patient information. Current Electronic Health Records (EHRs) incorporate advanced cloud-based technology. EHR systems boast unmatched interoperability. Thus, they offer seamless communication with other programs. In addition, EHRs are more user-friendly.

Cloud-based EHR systems offer unrivaled information security. You don’t have to worry about data loss and data breach. Advanced EHR systems have algorithms that evaluate a patient’s data. A chiropractor can evaluate demographic trends, billing statistics, and customer complaints. With this data, the chiropractor is able to effectively meet the patient’s needs.

Published on October 16, 2020