Nagpur: A 68-year-old man from Bhandara who died in a traffic accident breathed new life into 3 needy patients on Wednesday through a donation of brainstem-dead organs coordinated by the Zonal Transplant Coordination Center (ZTCC) Nagpur.
ZTCC President Dr. Vibhavari Dani announced that Ramesh Pandurang Kharwade, a resident of Jawahar Nagar near Bhandara and a retired arms factory worker, was in a car accident on January 25th. “He suffered severe head injuries and was admitted to Nakade Hospital in Bhandara. On January 26th, he was transferred to the city’s Meditrina Hospital. During the treatment his condition deteriorated neurologically and a team of doctors pronounced him brain dead on Tuesday evening, ”said Dr. Dani.
Family members were given advice on organ donation. His wife Shalini agreed to donate his organs. The two sons Rishikesh and Lukesh also agreed to donate the organs.
“The family has a rural background and both sons work as workers. Realizing the need for organ donation, the family quickly agreed to donate as many organs as possible, saying it should benefit more patients in need, ”said ZTCC coordinator Veena Vathore.
ZTCC Secretary Dr. Sanjay Kolte announced that the current organ donation was the second in 2021. “This was the 69th BSD organ donation under ZTCC Nagpur, the 122nd and 123rd kidney donation and the 53rd liver donation to date. The family has shown magnanimity by donating all sorts of organs for the transplant, ”he said. According to the rules, the heart and lungs of a patient over 65 years of age will not be considered for the donation. But the family had agreed to donate both of them.
The medical team at Meditrina Hospital, where the patient was declared brain dead, also got the liver and performed a liver transplant. The teams at New Era Hospital and Care Hospital performed kidney transplants. A donor honor corridor was set up and the victim was offered a free rescue service to their home town.