A terrible accident changed the lives of a family after their eight-month-old daughter was seriously injured and spent more than two weeks on a ventilator and a month at Wockhardt Hospital on Mira Road, Thane District.

The accident happened when a bicycle crashed into their car when they were returning from Gorai.

The baby is now discharged and is recovering well.

The couple were happy after their first baby arrived amid the Covid-19 pandemic. They stayed home to minimize the risk of coronavirus and other infections.

During the unlock phase, the family planned a vacation in Gorai, Borivali to break the monotony.

When they returned from the picnic, a bike crashed into their car. While other family members suffered minor injuries, the baby was seriously injured. She fought for her life in the Wockhardt Hospital on Mira Road.

Dr. Ankit Gupta, Senior Pediatric Intensive Care Specialist at Wockhardt Hospital Mira Road, said, “This baby was in the front seat with his father after a bicycle was thrown into the car and the airbags opened. The active airbags inflated and the baby was trapped between the airbags and the grandfather’s head. She sustained a complex head injury and faced an emergency. “

Dr. Gupta said she was in a coma at the presentation and had a depressed skull fracture and the fragments of the fracture were pressing against the brain. “Only a few fragments had torn the vital veins in the brain. This resulted in increased bleeding which dangerously compressed the vital centers of the brain, making it extremely life threatening. After the baby was stabilized and the family counseled, it underwent an emergency craniotomy. After two hours of surgery, the girl was in intensive care and on the ventilator for two weeks. According to the doctor, she had a stormy postoperative course.

Dr. Vinod Rambal, Consultant Neurosurgeon at Wockhardt Hospital Mira Road, said, “A craniotomy is an operation that involves cutting a bony opening in the skull. A section of the skull known as the bone lobe is removed to give access to the brain below and to remove the hematomas, which are blood clots, from the left side of the brain before they cause damage. Then the bone flap was closed. ”

Dr. Dipesh Pimpale, consulting neurologist at Wockhardt Hospital Mira Road, added, “The child developed refractory seizures and increased intracranial pressure. The treatment of these was very difficult. At the time of discharge, the baby is active, playful, tolerates food and recognizes its parents. She is currently improving and reaching her milestones with anti-seizure medication and physical therapy. Her recovery looks promising and she will need follow-up examinations until she is four to five years old to look for brain and body development. “