Yes, 90 pounds is a drastic change, but Harry points out that this didn’t happen overnight by any means. When she started her holistic health pathway, she wasn’t focusing on weight at all. “In the end, it only worked for me that I wanted to feel better. I said to myself, “Why don’t I just focus on trying to feel better? Why don’t I just focus on wanting to sleep better? Why don’t I just focus on my energy continuing to improve? ‘”

By focusing on those top-down goals instead of assigning strict parameters to herself, she could see the full picture when it came to her health. Indeed, when she viewed these lifestyle changes as an ongoing journey (rather than a checklist of markers to be hit), she was able to make these changes sustainable. And over time? She was nearing her healthy weight.

“Ultimately, I accepted the fact that it would take me about a year or more to lose that weight and keep it off,” she adds. “That really took a lot of acceptance – to really understand that there wasn’t one thing that it would magically do for me.”

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