TOPEKA, Kan., March 10, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Board of Directors is proud to announce the inauguration of the Global Academy of Holistic Nursing. In support of the American Holistic Nurses Association’s mission and in collaboration with the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation, the Academy will focus on advancing the holistic nursing specialty around the world. The vision is to create global communities committed to holistic health, wellbeing and social justice. The Academy’s unique purpose is to build a network of holistic nursing students who have demonstrated leadership and commitment to building sustainable transcultural and integrative healing processes that are driving global healthcare transformation.

Holistic nurses recognize people as holistic unified beings made up of energy fields and inseparable from others and the environment. All things are interrelated, one person’s behaviors and attitudes influence those of others. Holistic nurses provide person-centered health care and purposefully build trusting relationships with others to promote and improve their clients’ healing potential and well-being (AHNA / ANA, 2019).

The establishment of the academy offers Holistic Nurses the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of equity, access and transformation in health care worldwide. The academy structures its committees based on the Boyer scholarship model for professional disciplines: education, practice, discovery through various types of investigation, and advocacy of integrating the whole. Within this structure, Holistic Nurse Scholars can share their expertise and dialogue and work together to advance the art and science of holistic nursing. The academy offers a culture in which science is the vehicle and practice is the goal.

Founding members of the academy commented, “This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for.” “This is a place where holistic scientists are supported in creating and disseminating their work.” “New scientists have a place to be mentored in developing critical research.” “I feel very honored and happy to be part of GAHN. I think this is very important and urgently needed.”

The academy founded and brought into being by Holistic Nurse Scholars welcomes applications for the first GAHN cohort of fellows from April 1 to 30, 2021. For more information on the academy, membership criteria and applications, see the handbook for fellows on the website: http: / /

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