Volkswagen calls the redesign of its dealer networks Sarvottam 2.0. Sarvottam means “the best of the best” and its basic values ​​are based on 4 different pillars of accessibility

Volkswagen India is in a phase of transformation. It took us a while to get there, but now the company has changed gears and is headed in the right direction at the right speed. Getting it done at the right time is absolutely essential and there is no better time for VW than now! In our previous articles, we’ve talked about the company’s product portfolio, its strategy for kids parts, and even the lower cost of ownership for its customers. We’ve seen all of these strategies evolve over the past year under the India 2.0 strategy, but there’s an additional vertical to that, the traders.

Volkswagen calls the redesign of its dealer networks Sarvottam 2.0. Here, Sarvottam means “the best of the best” and its core values ​​are based on four different pillars of accessibility: Accessible brand, Accessible people and networks, Accessible products and services, and Accessible information.


The traders are now more lively and courageous

As part of the “barrier-free brand” goal, Volkswagen intends to redefine the customer experience by adopting the contemporary, young and lively global new brand design across its physical and digital touchpoints.

That’s why you have that splash of orange, blue and pink and all the information on big screens and just like the current generation, it’s bold and vibrant and exactly what the brand needs at this hour to connect with young India, after which affect their upcoming cars looking.

And it is not easy to do that. There are a lot of changes to be made and a lot of training. The entire network is undergoing a comprehensive behavior change training process to make the frontline staff even more customer-centric. Customer communication with sales and service consultants via sophisticated digital platforms, d. H. The online AV chat platform is introduced to give customers access anytime, anywhere.


The service calculator on the website is of great help to customers

And it’s this technology that will help build a relationship with the new generation of buyers because that’s what they want. Something that is accessible at all times, and that’s exactly why Volkswagen India has built a platform where customers can seamlessly surf their website and offer services such as finding the car, financing, insurance and booking a service appointment on a single platform.

The company has also provided the option of a service called Cam Setup, which provides detailed, real-time video of the repair and maintenance work. Service repairs will only be carried out after the customer has approved and satisfied. So you could sit at home and watch the repairs needed without entering a gas station. How cool is that!


The entire network is undergoing a comprehensive behavior change training process to make the frontline staff even more customer-centric

The brand has also introduced a service cost calculator on its website to further improve transparency and accessibility for customers. The brand is actually making a massive effort to reach their customers on their doorstep. The company is expanding its fleet of Volkswagen Assistance and Mobile Service Units and covers almost 80% of the country with service facilities for house doors. This helps customers choose this service for small repairs and maintenance, or for a quick check of the vehicle’s condition before a long trip.

There is a lot of time, money, energy and innovation to support this superstructure and Volkswagen is making sure everything is in order before it triggers its major product offense in the country, which all starts this year – the year of the Taigun!

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