Founded in 2019, Gargash Hospital reflects the ultimate vision of its founder – Dr. Husnia Gargash – opposed to offering end-to-end solutions for all gynecological problems and fulfilling a patient’s dream of a healthy family

Gargash Hospital values ​​the health and wellbeing of every family. It consists of the love of the staff for helping people achieve happy and healthy families through effective, patient-centered, safe and innovative reproductive care.

The founder and chairwoman, Dr. Husnia Gargash, received the Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Prize in Medical Sciences for honoring individuals who work in the field of medicine and health (2011-2012). She pioneered assisted reproduction and women’s health in the Middle East, making her the most credible gynecologist to run a hospital facility for women and their families.

Dr. Gargash is a woman who knows how to create a safe environment with compassion, warmth, kindness and specialized care for patients. Her passion and dedication to consistently delivering unconventional medical services give patients a remarkably nurturing experience.

The respected medical team is constantly adapting to the latest technology and medical advances to provide unmatched service. Each hospital employee strictly adheres to professional and ethical practices and is faithful to their conduct of honesty, trust and confidentiality in providing careful services to patients and their families.
This is what distinguishes health care at Gargash Hospital. It doesn’t just treat diseases; It offers its patients first class hospitality and personal care for the whole family. A loving and friendly atmosphere is fostered with established medical experts whom patients can trust for their loved ones.

Gargash Hospital is committed to its patients. The staff treat each patient with respect and value the patient’s well-being. Together with the patient, they find the right solutions to a family’s needs for a happier and healthier life that they deserve very much.
Gargash Hospital focuses on holistic healing and encompasses all areas of human life – mind, body and spirit. It is the first hospital to have a fully equipped assisted reproductive technology (ART) facility with modern conveniences, advanced technology and excellent medical professionals to promote a safe environment and enjoyable experience. The ambience ensures that patients feel relaxed when visiting the facility. The professional healthcare professionals are trained to personalize and personalize each medical treatment with luxurious comfort and care. A key benefit of Gargash Hospital is its community engagement and strong understanding of providing affordable and service-oriented general care to the patient. At Gargash Hospital, every patient will experience a compassionate medical team dedicated to building families and maintaining their health for general well-being.

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