Infertility has been one of the most common problems young couples struggle with in recent years. Infertility currently affects approximately 10 to 14 percent of the Indian population, with higher rates in urban areas where about one in six couples is affected. Sedentary lifestyle, stress, irregular sleep patterns, diabetes, obesity, smoking and alcohol are some of the reasons behind the rise in infertility in India.

Recent research also suggests that stress is a major reason couples can’t get pregnant. Factors such as work pressure, work-life balance and the lack of emotional support in everyday life have affected both men and women.

As one of the renowned market leaders in fertility medicine, the Apollo Fertility team has set itself the goal of giving couples a very good chance of becoming parents. Since officially launching in 2016, Apollo Fertility has endeavored to establish itself as a thought leader in the field of infertility medicine. They currently operate from over 15 state-of-the-art centers across India.


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Sign in to see the result. Following the mission of Apollo Hospitals, the Apollo Fertility Centers aim to make fertility treatments available to every individual according to international standards. As part of the established and prestigious Apollo Health & Lifestyle Limited group, Apollo Fertility is committed to successful outcomes, a clinic-friendly approach, process-oriented cutting-edge technology, ethical protocols and transparency. After successfully launching new standalone fertility centers in Calcutta, Noida, Borivali, Solapur and Hyderabad, Apollo Fertility plans to quickly expand its presence to other parts of the country with its evidence-based approach to reproductive medicine.

In the current scenario where lockdowns have been stepped up in most of India’s states, Apollo Fertility has taken the lead to ensure their services continue uninterrupted. Couples who have already started treatment can continue their follow-up sessions with peace of mind as the Apollo Group follows strict ICMR guidelines and safety procedures in all interventions.

 All employees were vaccinated twice

 Rooms and equipment are thoroughly disinfected after each patient visit

 A near-zero risk of infection transmission environment is maintained at all times

 Medical waste is disposed of in accordance with the protocols listed

 Patients are only allowed to bring one companion

 Appointments are scheduled with sufficient time gaps

 Social distancing norms are scrupulously followed

Apollo Fertility offers several specialized male and female infertility screening tests that offer couples one of the best chances of a successful pregnancy. Over the years, the Apollo Fertility team has added advanced treatments to its service offering and strives to provide couples with the best possible treatment options. This was possible thanks to their world class embryology laboratory, superior protocols and dedicated embryologists

Apollo Fertility was designed as a place where compassion becomes the first step to conception. With a wide range of services offered under one roof, the state-of-the-art centers are a boon to many expectant parents trying to get pregnant who can now access world-class services at newer locations like Apollo Fertility is expanding their footprint.

The team consists of some of the most experienced and experienced specialists in fertility, reproductive medicine, reproductive endocrinology, andrology, urology, laparoscopic surgeons for fertility enhancement, fetal medicine and a supportive team of clinical advisors, care managers and nutritionists.

The Apollo fertility bouquet of services



● Assisted hatching (AH)

● Cryopreservation program (egg freezing program)

● Frozen and donor embryo transfers

● Donor program

● Genetic tests such as ERA, PGS / PGD

● Andrology

● Sperm collection procedure

● Laparoscopic / endoscopic procedures

Clinical excellence

● Each consultant has more than 15 years of experience

● One of the best trained care teams

● Qualified laboratory technician teams to ensure the accuracy of the tests

● International clinical protocols for safety

State-of-the-art infrastructure

● Technologies that are one step ahead

● Advanced IUI and embryology laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment

● Modern operating rooms to support all procedures

● Well-designed patient suites for privacy and comfort

Personalized care

• Treatments tailored to the needs of each couple

• Dedicated care manager who caters to the needs of every couple

Excellence in Embryology and Male Fertility:

● A special embryology training institute will be set up at the flagship center in Kondapur, Hyderabad

● The center will be able to train 3 batches of 7-10 embryologists each year

● Practical hands-on experience is imparted in a simulated laboratory, along with ongoing cases in the center

● The institute plans to link up with a prestigious university in the future in order to receive recognition from Pan India (after 2 years of operation)

● For this reason, foreign partnerships are being examined

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