A significant improvement in the healthcare industry over the past century has increased the average lifespan of humans by a tremendous amount. People are now living longer and enjoying a relatively comfortable age than their counterparts in the past. At a certain point, however, it is no longer possible to live alone. Traditionally, children in India enjoy caring for their aging parents, but this situation is changing rapidly as many young people emigrate abroad or relocate cities for better job opportunities. When family members cannot be physically present to care for their elderly due to unavoidable circumstances, especially after a hospital stay or surgery, they look to the next best option – specialized senior healthcare facilities.

In recent years, outsourcing professional assistance to elderly care has been gaining ground as a worthy and sensible option for busy young people. A good example of a facility that provides first class healthcare to the elderly is KITES Senior Care. This geriatric care brand was founded in 2016 in Bengaluru with the vision of becoming the most trusted facility for outpatient care for the elderly.

Studies show that the geriatric population in India is growing at a significant pace, but there are still few specialized care facilities for the elderly. Geriatric care goes beyond specialized hospital care, which is limited to solving and caring for one’s own medical needs. To learn from developed countries, elderly care must consider several needs, such as providing camaraderie and ample opportunities for their mental abilities to get involved. The wide range of services provided by the state-of-the-art facilities abroad includes an active aging and prevention program, home care, specialized care centers such as qualified care facilities, transitional care facilities and palliative care and hospice centers, memory centers and psychiatric facilities. Fortunately, KITES Senior Care is trying to fill this void to become India’s first comprehensive geriatric care provider outside the hospital.

It is well known that older people living in urban areas have access to basic health care through hospitals and nursing homes, but not in rural areas. Even those fortunate enough to live in urban areas near a hospital do not have access to the holistic care they receive in specialized senior housing facilities.

KITES Senior Care is best described as a Care Continuum Partner who takes over where the hospital’s work ends. They are known for providing well-designed transition and rehabilitation facilities with an experienced and empathetic team. In addition, they offer palliative care, pain therapy and advice to ensure a good quality of life for the elderly. They even have a dementia and Alzheimer’s wing that guarantees treatment in a home setting. In addition to residential facilities, people can have access to day care for elderly patients suffering from these diseases or hire professional KITES staff for dedicated home care. This wing is run by a team of highly specialized and well trained medical experts. The facility is well equipped and compliant with the safety of its patients a top priority. Her expertise in this area has made her a sought-after knowledge partner for several age groups and she currently provides medical support to three such organizations in Bengaluru and Chennai.

Since its inception, her vision has been supported by a number of generous investors and benefactors. However, they currently need higher funding to expand to other cities and further develop their infrastructure. Expansion to Hyderabad and Coimbatore is planned for this year.

With the promise of providing empathetic services from passionate, skilled and experienced staff, working with family members to provide long-term care for their elderly, and providing holistic attention through a multidisciplinary collaborative approach with a unique blend of medical and non-medical activities ; KITES Senior Care facilities are a good choice for trusted elderly care for your family members.

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