From Herald Staff

JASPER – A Tuesday afternoon accident ended with a man escaping the scene and later arrested for driving a vehicle while drunk.

The Jasper Police Department was contacted by an off-duty Indiana State Police officer who witnessed an accident on 15th Street and Mill Street, indicating that a man had fled the scene. The soldier was able to stop the vehicle shortly afterwards on 15th and the main street and found Wileam Roblero (20) from Jasper.

Roblero had crashed into Kenny Kline, 64, of Jasper’s vehicle, causing at least $ 3,000 in damage to each car.

A JPD official found that Roblero was under the influence of alcohol and was taken to Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center, where preliminary results showed his BAC was 0.211.

Roblero was accused of operating a vehicle while drunk with a BAC greater than 0.15, OWI vulnerability, operating a vehicle without a license, and failing to stop after an accident.