In recent years, wellness prioritization has increased dramatically in several global markets – between 27% and 65% *. This global trend was simply exacerbated by the health crisis. With the increase in stress, anxiety, and loneliness caused by the pandemic, the mental wellness (meditation, sleep, and brain health) market has strong growth potential and is valued at $ 121 billion **. For most people, the saying “a healthy mind in a healthy body” is actually a way of life these days. Wellness is no longer an option; it is a basic daily necessity. Other core trends, such as theLooking for new experiences, the Search for meaning in everyday life the spectacular acceleration of digital technology, the growing public engagement for Sustainable development, and the Influence of social networks, simply affirm this global mindset and encourage new consumption habits.

Accor is a recognized leader in the hospitality wellness segment. We take a holistic approach based on fundamental pillars and promote the well-being of our guests when visiting our spas and hotels, but also remotely through digital technology. These six pillars are: Nutrition, Design & Environment, Physical Activity & Sport, Spa, Mental Wellbeing & Mindfulness and Digital wellbeing. This holistic vision of wellness is used by our brands in their more than 570 spas, Over 1,000 in-house fitness roomsand fitness clubs, and 12 Thalassa Sea & Spa Destinations.

“Guest wellbeing has become more important than ever as the pandemic accelerates the global advance towards wellness and healthy living. The awareness that “health is wealth” is growing – ¾ of our guests from all walks of life and hotel segments take a step every day to improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being. Wellness is an additional business accelerator for our hotels and hotel owners and represents a growing opportunity to grow business and improve hotel performance. We continue to seek innovative solutions that will strengthen our position as the wellness leader in the hospitality industry, create new wellness experiences for our brands, and add value to our customers, business partners and employees while making wellness an indispensable corporate object.
said Emlyn Brown VP Wellness Luxury and Premium Brands.

To ensure that the hospitality industry actively contributes to physical, mental and spiritual well-being, our group has come up with new wellness experiences that are unmistakably brought to life in our diverse brand portfolio. Around the world, our brands offer purpose-built, innovative programs that anticipate and better respond to growing wellness needs. Global wellness day gives you the opportunity to rediscover some of our brands’ most emblematic initiatives.

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