The Pain Arthritis Relief Center (PARC) is a health facility that works on the principle of “feel better, get well”. It was created by Dr. Brian Paris, an experienced Doctor of Chiropractic who has now made his practice a more holistic practice. The Pain Arthritis Relief Center was founded by Dr. Paris came into being and found a higher purpose in serving as a health professional. He is passionate about healthy living and has tailored his entire profession to better connect with patients.

The Pain Arthritis Relief Center is a healthcare facility that combines the best of chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture and physical medicine in treating its patients. The health care professionals at this facility all work to create better connections with patients, produce repeatable results, and run a more conscious business that provides the best healthcare and wellbeing to patients.

The most common approach in health care practice is to focus on what needs to be fixed in a patient’s body. However, PARC focuses on managing immediate pain and then other traditional wellbeing such as mobility, stability, strength, and posture. With the principle of “feeling better than getting well”, PARC ensures that every patient not only feels better when they visit the facility, but also receives all the tools and treatments to become healthy in the long term.

A special feature of the Pain Arthritis Relief Center (PARC) is that all the holistic services that patients need to get well are available under one roof. Today’s healthcare system is not designed to have different health professionals available in the same place at the same time. The Pain Arthritis Relief Center makes this possible in an integrated way. This is part of Dr. Brian Paris in creating a convenient path for healing.

Patients can undergo chiropractic, physical therapy, physical medical care, acupuncture, and regenerative medical care in one location. Dr. Brian places a special emphasis on patient experiences to ensure patient safety, clarity, and connection. About the motivation to set up a center for the relief of pain arthritis, says Dr. Brain Paris: “As a patient and a father, I have seen the limits of our healthcare system firsthand. There is a tremendous layoff of people as people. I use the concept of “be human first” in all of my interactions because I’ve seen people as spines or bodies, rather than people who need to feel safe and understood in order to heal. My brand and my PARC serve as a catalyst for the transformation of our healthcare system. “

Dr. Brian’s goal is to develop and further develop holistic health care. His five-year goal for PARC is to establish a health process that makes you feel better before addressing the underlying conditions. He also hopes that everyone will take holistic care seriously and not as a last resort.

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