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  • “I rest after my operations,” wrote the actress
  • “I was bedridden all day,” she added
  • “My back is completely injured,” added the actress

New Delhi:

Southern actress Yashika Aannand, who suffered a serious car accident last month, shared an update on her health on Tuesday. The actress, who turned 22 today, was seriously injured and lost one of her friends in a car accident on Chennai’s East Coast Road on July 24th. In her latest Instagram post, Yashika Aannand wrote that she “suffered multiple pelvic fractures” and that she “will not be able to walk or stand for the next five months.” The actress added that she was “mentally and physically injured” and her pain is “nothing compared to what she lost.” Yashika Aannand’s friend died in the car accident after the SUV the actress was driving overturned after crashing into the bulkhead.

In her post, the actress wrote, “Health Update – Multiple fractures of the pelvic bone and broken right leg. I rest after my operations. I won’t be able to walk or stand for the next 5 months. I was bedridden all day and I have to move around on the same bed. I can’t turn left or right either. I’ve been stiff for many days. My back is completely injured. Fortunately, nothing happened to my face, but this is definitely a rebirth for me, which I didn’t ask for. I am hurt mentally and physically. God punished me. But that’s nothing compared to what I’ve lost. “

She added, “Aside from all the negativity, I am grateful for all of the prayers and well-wishers. Thank you for your care and love. ”Yashika Aannand mentioned in her previous post those who“ spread rumors that she was drunk while driving, ”but more on that later.

See what Yashika Aannand wrote about her health:

In one of her recent posts, Yashika called those who “spread rumors” that she was drunk driving a car “cheap” and wrote that “the police have confirmed that she and her friends were not drunk at all”. Read her post here:

On Monday, Yashika Aannand announced that she will not celebrate her birthday on Wednesday as she is struggling with the “greatest loss of her life”. The actress wrote in her post: “I will feel guilty forever for being alive !! I don’t know if I should thank God for saving me from this tragic accident or blame God my whole life for taking my best friend away from me. I really miss you every second Pavani. I know you can never forgive me! I’m really sorry that I put your family in such a dire situation. I just know that I miss you every second and I am forever guilty of being alive. Hope your soul rests in peace. I pray that you will come back to me! Hope your family will forgive me one day! “

In terms of work, Yashika Aannand made her acting debut in 2016 with the film Kavalai Vendam. Her breakthrough film, however, was Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru. She has starred in films such as Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuththu, Maniyaar Kudumbam, Kazhugu 2 and Mookuthi Amman.