Celebrating its 70th year, Finnish quirky pattern master Marimekko is collaborating with Activewear Powerhouse Adidas to add fashion to work in a more sustainable way this summer. According to promotional material, the collection is made of “new materials, including recycled yarn, and methods to reduce the environmental impact.” Fortunately, the reduction of environmental impact does not compress this collaboration visual impact or functionality. The adidas x Marimekko collection features two of Marimekko’s signature patterns – Annika Rimalas Laine and Maija Louekaris Räsymatto – which bring to life Adidas’ signature active silhouettes.

Wherever your fitness journey takes you, the Adidas x Marimekko collection will get you covered. You can greet the sun, take a run or take a splash with friends in a series of pieces from this eccentric collaboration. From June 1, the collection will be available in select Adidas and Marimekko stores as well as other retailers across the globe. You can also shop the collection online via adidas.com and marimekko.com from 15 June. Look at some of the adventurous scenarios where you can wear these uniquely patterned pieces.