Adidas has just dropped its Stay In Play Through Your Period collection to help people who are menstruating do what they love, without worrying about leaks by absorbing what your current menstrual products are not doing. This collection features Techfit Period-Proof Biker Short Tights and Techfit Period-Proof 7/8 Tights and also highlights some of Adidas’ other sweat-transporting clothing and accessories.

Along with the release of these new tights comes a traveling pop-up called “Stay In Play Trainer’s Lounge”, which according to promotional material will be at various volleyball, football and running events across the country, providing clean facilities and hygiene products from Cora. “

Strike through to shop for the new Stay In Play tights and featured items!

PS If you want period clothes under your new equipment, we have a few suggestions for where you can grab a pair of pairs.