Accelerated by India’s Fastest Growing Startup Accelerator Marwari Catalysts Ventures Seed Rounds From Tier 2 Market All Ready To Expand Services Outside Rajasthan Elderly Care / Agetech / Health Tech Agetech startup Sarathi Healthcare has announced funding from Rs to raise. 1 crore in seed funding from a group of investors from Bharat ‘. The angels who attended are seasoned entrepreneurs and investors Nitin Sethi, Vishal Dhikal, Swapnil Bagul, Gaurav Satbhai and Jayshree Harak from Jodhpur, Nasik, Surat and Pune.

Sarathi Healthcare is currently being accelerated by Marwari Catalysts Ventures, India’s fastest growing startup accelerator. Caring for the elderly has become more difficult over time. In a traditional shared family system, the elders are looked after by the family members. But now the boys from the family are moving out of their hometown, leaving their families – older parents – behind. This leaves the elders alone, vulnerable and neglected, and left to their own devices. In addition, COVID-19 has sparked a wave of fear across all areas of the consumer market, especially when older people are afraid to venture outside. Sarathi, which means “companion” in Hindi, aims to do just that – prioritize and provide holistic care for the elderly by providing them with comprehensive preventive and emergency care. Sarathi Healthcare ‘is a premium healthcare provider with world class services, providing 24/7 medical services on your doorstep in emergency situations.

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Commenting on the announcement, Sushil Sharma, Founder and CEO of Marwari Catalysts, says that Sarathi Healthcare has great potential. We hope that this association will help them build the fastest growing health care organization for elderly care in India. Sarathi Healthcare will use the funds to support its 20x growth with geographic expansion, new cities and medical specialties that will in turn strengthen their team and technical product. Saarthi Healthcare has affected more than 5,000 lives, including patients with chronic diseases, since it was incorporated in the midst of the pandemic. Sarathi’s services include disease management, consultation with health officials upon request and recommendation, regular health checkups and laboratory tests, advice on eating habits, dietary supplements and nutrients, appointment management, home deliveries of medicines and medical equipment, and bookings to hospitals and ambulances.

Devesh Rakhecha, Founder and Director of Marwari Catalysts, is very supportive of Sarathi Healthcare’s mission and says Sarathi Healthcare is poised to become a national brand and leader in the geriatric care market. Through a sensitive approach and authentic customer engagement, they have built a strong community and laid a solid foundation on trust. We are excited to support the Sarathi Healthcare team in increasing its effectiveness and improving the daily lives of an even greater number of elders. Today India is the country with the highest youth population in the world. The old population is directly proportional to the youth. The technology boom and a globalized world opened up a multitude of opportunities for people around the world where India was at a bright spot. The literacy and employability rate became much better than ever, indulging the Indian youth with options and opportunities. To usher in this new era of growth, key leadership roles at Sarathi Healthcare include: Amol Bagul, Founder and CEO (Ex-EY, MIT Media Lab, Ex-COEP); Aditi Poyam – Co-Founder and COO (Ex-TATA, Ex-JBIMS, Ex-COEP); and Lavender Singh Rathore – Co-Founder and Head of Operations (over 11 years of experience in pharmaceuticals and logistics management). We have developed and delivered our services to clients in Rajasthan.

Now we are aware of the fact that this type of service is urgently needed in other states of India as well. Because we not only have a positive impact on the lives of patients, but also the people around them. We will soon start operations in Nasik, Jaipur, Ajmer, Nagpur and Pune, said Amol Bagul – Founder and CEO of Sarathi Healthcare. Ignorance of their needs is the greatest barrier to seniors living the best quality of life. Our fundraising intent was to more efficiently penetrate our services in smaller cities with aggressive marketing and technology buildups, Amol added. Lavender Singh Rathore – co-founder and head of the operation, said the company is still caring for several older COVID-19 patients today by managing their isolation processes at home after the pandemic. The leadership team behind Sarathi Healthcare is honored to serve those who once looked after us. Our vision is to offer older patients optimal health services in the shortest possible time. In short, we are your Health Sarathi where distance is no longer an obstacle and an immediate solution is provided to most effectively address any health issue, said Aditi Poyam – Co-Founder and COO of Sarathi Healthcare.

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