WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, OHIO – – On March 23, a potentially dire situation resulted in the saving of two lives – thanks to the valor and heroism of two Airmen from the 88th Medical Group.

That Tuesday morning, Captain Carly Kerr, an intensive care nurse at Wright-Patterson Medical Center, was driving to the base on her day off to help with a vaccination capsule when she witnessed a rollover accident on Interstate 675 in Beavercreek.

When Kerr arrived on site, she found that a man was still on the passenger side of the vehicle while the driver had been kicked out of the vehicle with a potentially fatal leg injury.

“When I saw that the driver had a badly broken left leg, the first thing I did was ask if anyone nearby had some sort of tourniquet that could control the bleeding,” Kerr said. “Nobody had anything to stop the bleeding. Fortunately, that day I was wearing my uniform and using my belt as a tourniquet.

Kerr said after evaluating the driver to see if it was stable, she made her way to the passenger who was still in the vehicle. She got a seat belt cutter, knife, and window hammer from her own toolbox.

“There was another passenger who was awake crawling around in the vehicle,” Kerr recalled. “I put a seat belt on so the passenger can crawl out. When a couple of us were helping him out of the vehicle and I was assessing him, I bandaged a cut in his right arm. “

Shortly afterwards, Dr. (Maj.) Eric Mozeleski, a Wright-Patterson Medical Center ambulance, set the scene to stabilize the driver and passenger.

“I came to the driver first and examined her first to see if she was bothering anything other than her leg,” said Mozeleski. “Usually people with this type of injury are almost hysterical, but I could tell they were in shock because of their pale skin and weak voice.”

After he and Kerr stabilized both the passenger and driver, they waited for local emergency services to take the victims to Miami Valley Hospital, Mozeleski said.

Miami Valley Hospital has not released any information about the accident victims, citing privacy concerns.

Col. Patrick Miller, 88th Air Force Base and installation commander, said he couldn’t help but take pride in the courage, dedication, and service of Mozeleski and Kerr for their quick thinking and acting.

“I’m super proud of these fliers,” said Miller. “This is a great example of character and competence clashing with random events to enable the extraordinary, the importance of being ready and the value of conscious partnerships with our off-base teammates.”

Military or civil, this act of community service embodies the values ​​and qualities that all 88 ABW employees must exemplify, the Colonel added.

Miller recently updated the installation’s strategic plan to include new values ​​and characteristics that he expects from every Airmen in the installation.

“This is a perfect example of our Airmen here at the 88th Air Base Wing and the values ​​and qualities they represent,” said Miller. “Nobody ever wants accidents like this to happen and I express my condolences to the victims and families involved. These aviators saw the situation and reacted without hesitation. As a result, two lives were saved so that those involved in the accident could return to their families. “