Opposition leader Anthony Albanese thanked doctors and law enforcement agencies for their support after his involvement in a serious car accident that left him hospitalized. Mr Albanese was standing outside the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney’s Inner West and announced that he was on his way from his polling station in Marrickville to his home when his vehicle was hit by a young driver on Hill Street. “I have suffered both external and internal injuries that required assistance here at Prince Alfred Hospital and that require ongoing outpatient assistance,” he said. “The accident happened yesterday afternoon and the police told me that they reported a negligent driving violation to the young man involved in the accident.” I hope this experience leads this young man to one of the safest hiring drivers Australia has ever seen in the future. I admit that he apologized back then. “The Labor leader thanked health workers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, and gratefully lived in a country with an effective public health system.” When Kerry Packer had a heart attack, he showed up here in an emergency at Prince Alfred Hospital – when my mother, a single mother, an invalid pensioner with acute needs and crises, showed up here in an emergency and received the same care, “he said . ” Whether you are the richest Australian or a retiree, you will be looked after in our system and that is what I am very proud of that my party created something. Medibank, then MediCare, and determined to support universal health care. ”