The Alpine Formula 1 team has admitted that Fernando Alonso recovered quickly from his bicycle accident over the past month.

Alonso was hit by a car while cycling in Switzerland and operated on for a broken jaw before he was released from hospital a few days later.

The accident threatened Alonso’s immediate F1 comeback with Alpine when he returned after two years in other racing programs.

The Spaniard is expected to be fit for pre-season tests in Bahrain next week, which will begin cycling less than 30 days after his incident.

“Fernando is doing very well,” said Laurent Rossi, Alpine CEO. “He’s had a bad incident, a bicycle accident is seldom easy, but he was lucky.

“In the end, he only suffered from his jaw. Aside from the necessary surgery and the necessary care for his jaw, the rest is perfectly fine.

“Fernando is completely fit. We are even surprised that he recovered so quickly.

“He confirmed to us almost immediately after the incident that he would be here in Bahrain which his doctors confirmed and it looks like he was right because he is absolutely fit and we look forward to seeing him to see in the car next week. ”

Alpine, who left the sport in 2018 after a difficult few years at McLaren, claims the 39-year-old is “extremely motivated” after a break.

“We have a man who is a great champion and I can find him extremely motivated,” said the team’s chief race officer, Davide Brivio.

“He’s returning to a difficult sport, a difficult environment while enjoying various activities. His desire to be in the most difficult championship again and to fight against everyone shows how strongly motivated he is.

“I can feel myself chatting with him, you can see how hard he works, how strong his desire is to be back.

“So I am sure that he will make every effort. If we could give him a good package, he could certainly fight for the big positions. “