The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) Rehabilitation Council, also known as the Council on Chiropractic Physiologic, Therapeutics & Rehabilitation (CCPTR), announced this week its annual conference for the whole profession (members and non-members), which will be held on March 13-15 , 2020, in Tempe, Arizona, at the Tempe Mission Palms Resort.

Learn from international experts like Dr. Scott Haldeman, Gray Cook, Colonel Dr. Michael Lewis, Dr. Anthony Lisi, Dr. Brett Winchester, Dr. Jeffrey Tucker, Dr. Steven Capbianco, Dr. Brent Ungar and Dr. Peter Fields. The conference allows attendees to accumulate 18 hours of CE approval in most states.

On Friday afternoon, Dr. Jeffrey Tucker will open the event and provide an update on current topics. Dr. Scott Haldeman will teach the role of the non-pharmacological, non-surgical clinician in the management of disabilities related to spinal disorders. Gray Cook, co-founder of the FMS and the SFMA, will provide information on the functional perspective.

Other sessions include:

Colonel Dr. Michael Lewis – Functional medical approach to concussions

Dr. Anthony Lisi – Evidence-based approach to diagnosis, triage and clinical Management of diseases of the lumbar spine

Dr. Brett Winchester – Multimodal approach to lower back pain

Dr. Steven Capobianco – Correction program for brain-based mechanics

DR. Stavros Kavouras – The impact of water intake on health and wellbeing

Dr. Brent Ungar – Laser therapy for the rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system

Dr. Peter Fields – Regenerative orthopedics: non-surgical repair with stem cells / PRP / prolotherapy

The council’s goal is to present an upscale experience that offers more than education and demonstration, immersing attendees in expert-led keynotes and exploring new ideas in cutting-edge workshops.

For more information on the Rehab Council and how to register for ACA, please visit