USA, February 5, 2021 / – NEWLIFE Expo and Magazine was founded by visionary entrepreneur Mark Becker, nicknamed Yogiman, by Robin Williams, who had the foresight to open NYC’s first yoga center and herbal shop in 1975 open.

Serenity, his center, not only had 400 herbs in bulk, it was the first place New Yorkers could buy herbs in capsules or tinctures. When Mark first wrote about people doing yoga, taking herbs, drinking wheatgrass juice, drinking air and water purifiers, taking vitamins, drinking bottled water, or using crystals and magnets, they thought he was crazy. Maybe he was, but he wasn’t stupid. Mark always said, “We can’t rely on the government to make us healthy. We have to rely on ourselves to stay healthy. “

Others have tried to copy NEWLIFE EXPO but none have ever made it as Mark is always up to date on what the future may bring us.

In addition to being a conference in NYC and Florida, Newlife was also a community where thousands of like-minded people looking for a better life can meet, as well as lecturers and writers from around the world to share their knowledge of excellence information for conscious living. Everyone from Deepak Chopra to Dr. Oz and James van Praagh shared the stage at Newlife. It has quickly become the largest health fair.

Newlife exhibitors from around the world offer New Yorkers and Floridians the opportunity to experience the latest in products and services to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

The NEWLIFE Expo is the largest and longest running body, mind and soul exhibition in NYC for 31 years. We could never have done this without your support. The thousands of people who come to every trade fair inspire me to make every trade fair more exciting, informative and fun.

I firmly believe that the greatest group of healers will definitely come together at this fair to help you reach your maximum potential and open your mind to all possibilities.

Our holistic doctors are an anomaly for the medical profession. Her expertise in holistic medicine is unparalleled. If you have Brian Clement, Dr. Joel Wallach, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Luke Cua, Dr. Paul Ling Tai, Dr. Eric Kaplan and Dr. Listening to Jane Goldberg, you will never see an allopathic doctor again.

On a metaphysical level, our exceptional speakers include James Van Praagh, astrologer Susan Miller, Thomas John, Gail Thackray, Antoine Chevalier, Tracey Ash and Anna Raimondi, and special guest Karen Berg, founder of the Kaballah Center worldwide.

I know you will enjoy our exhibition hall with exhibitors from all over the world bringing you the latest healing products of this year.

This year’s panels include the Strange Universe Panel and the Nutrition Panel. the UFO panel and the infamous Strange Universe panel. All panels are free with a Gold Pass or a three-day pass. This year many of our workshops are also free.


Visit us at the next NEWLIFE Expo Virtual Weekend Zoom Extravaganza on Saturday and Sunday from February 6th to 7th, 2021 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Eastern Time).

Buy tickets from Eventbrite:

20 hours ~ over 70 speakers ~

Two days full of international speakers, musicians, inspiring thought leaders and authors coming together, raising awareness and keeping you healthy!

Visit virtual showrooms where innovative products and services are demonstrated, meet in the Networking Lounge to meet and greet speakers and other attendees, receive live readings in the Healers Network Lounge with the clairvoyants, and see yourself the unique panels (UFO, Nutrition, Goddess, Strange Universe), Light Language, Ascension), entertain or relax in the FUN room. Here you will find live music, exercise, meditation, cooking and the chance to win door prizes and go shopping.

Here is a small selection of some of our speakers –

Dannion Brinkley, Steven Halpern, Dr. Robert Young, Gail Thackray, Kimberly Meredith, Chris Macklin, Dr. Joel Wallach, Dr. Nick Delgado, Kat James, Katie Moyer, Laurell Eden, Phil Wilson, Brian Clement and many others.





10:00 – Mark Becker: Opening announcements, introductions

10:30 am-George Love-Awaken with Qi Sing Dance & Drum for the limbic system

11: 05- Elizabeth McCartney- How We Can Accept Our True Divinity

11:40 am – Frances Rhodis – Healing Power of Sound, Movement and Vibration Therapy

12.15 p.m.: Strange Universe Panel

12:15 PM- DR. ROBERT YOUNG – A second thought on viruses and vaccines

12:50 PM Medium Joan Carra – A celebration of the afterlife

1:25 – KATIE MOYER- How cannabis supports your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing

2: 00- LORI SPAGNA- Ascending from the 3rd dimension inro The new 5th dimension

2: 35- Brian Clement- Live your best life with food as medicine and boost your immunity

3:10- Laurell Eden- Simple Food Hacks that Boost Metabolism, Burn Fat, and Heal

3:45 John Gray: Gender Diversity: Caring in Support of Nature

4:20. Nutrition panel

4:20 Buddha Maitreya – Shambhala remedies for soul therapy

4: 55- Steven Halpern – Take your brain with you, tune your chakras and balance your bio-field.

5:30 – Dr. Sophia Edwards-Bennett – A Novel Approach to Cancer Treatment

6:05. Phil Wilson – Healing Powers and Spiritual Benefits of Far Infrared Saunas

6:05 ascent plate

6:40 – Julian Michael- 2021: Wake up. Be Free and Excel through Numerology

7:15 am David Reynolds & Kevin Kennedy Tesla Technology – Link to Our Positive Future

7:50 – Joe Blanton Frequency Self-Care Tools for Healing Yourself at the Speed ​​of Light



10:00 – Mark Becker: Opening announcements, introductions

10:30 am- Nancy Addison Thoughts and Suggestions on Covid-19 Simple Steps to Maintaining Health

11: 05- Dannion Brinkley- What dying teaches you about life

11:40 AM- Dr. Josh Siegel- Do you evolve or spin?

12:15 PM- Jill Dahne-Love & Relationships


12:50 PM-Kimberly Meredith-Live Medical Mediumship Readings & Divine Healings

1:25 – Chris Macklin – Raise your vibration to heal and ward off negative entity forces

2:00-Kat James- Total Transformation: The “Extreme Makeover” For Your Life

2:35 -Gail Thackray-Remove cables blocking love, health, abundance and disease

3:10 -Dr, Nick Delgado-Build a strong body at your ideal body weight with no disease

3:45 – Judy Satori – your new creation magnet, “The Prayer of Becoming”

4:20 goddess panel.

4:55 – Donna McGrath-Miracles of Whole Body Healing

5:30 – Ilene Reichman – Overcoming Stress: Tools to Improve and Transform Your Life

6: 05- Aurora Luna Star- Hacking Sabotage

6:40 a.m .: Light Language Panel

6:40 – Dr. Geoffrey Broferick – “Your pet comes first. This is my belief system

7:15 am -DAKA DAN WILSON – exploring authentic masculinity


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