The Alaska Back Care Center is a trusted primary health care provider for spine injuries. This clinic is characterized by friendly staff, the latest diagnostic techniques, problem-free handling of insurance and excellent conservative therapy.

According to announcements from the Alaska Back Care Center and Dr. Barry Matthisen, this Anchorage chiropractic clinic has a reputation for providing unmatched care for patients with spinal injuries in Alaska.

According to sources, skilled and trained chiropractors handle manipulation of the spine for effective and painless treatment. Since 1991, Dr. Matthisen patients with back, neck or joint pain. The non-invasive procedures practiced in the clinic include Gonstead, Thompson, and Diversified. The health of the patient’s spine is of paramount importance to the clinic. Expert manipulation of the spine and joints stimulates the healing of the body from within. Whether it’s rejuvenating tired muscles and joints or relieving pain, massage therapy and physical therapy options at the Alaska Back Care Center are preferred by seniors, athletes, and residents of Alaska. Therapies include kinesio tape, deep tissue massage, spine manipulation therapy, TMJ therapy, and much more. This therapy center pays special attention to patients seeking whiplash therapy. This neck injury, which is common among victims of automobile accidents, can result in damaged ligaments, joints, intervertebral discs, and nerves in the neck.

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Dr. Barry Matthisen of the Alaska Back Care Center said, “Finding the right chiropractor can be difficult. We strive to provide the most comfortable and effective experience possible. Expect unprecedented attention and care for adjustments, alignments, and more. Your needs will be assessed and a plan will be created to return you to a normal, active daily routine. We not only offer chiropractic, but also massages for sore muscles and effective physical therapy. Alaska can be a physically demanding place, and sometimes our bodies pay the price.

Whether your pain is from athletics or accidents, choose Alaska Back Care for comprehensive body pain management. Treating whiplash is our specialty. Do you have neck pain from a car accident or other physical trauma? We are here for you. In addition to the adjustments and the ability to heal soft tissues, chiropractic treatments can also include a number of different therapies that can help prevent injury in their patients. Some of these therapies may include electrical muscle stimulation. This method mainly focuses on healing the affected muscles, minimizing inflammation, and even promoting blood flow to the affected area. “

Dr. Matthisen went on to answer the question: “We treat a variety of back, neck and much more. There are many different types of ailments that we treat for neck pain, upper and lower back pain, spinal disc pain, muscle pain, shoulder problems, arm and / or leg pain, hip pain, headache, pinched nerves, dizziness and much more. Whether you need an adjustment, alignment, massage, or physical therapy, you can count on the Alaska Back Center. Our expertise enables us to properly assess your needs in order to treat you properly. “

Patients are treated with therapies and procedures that are most appropriate for their age and condition. Chiropractic techniques do not involve drugs and medication.

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