Navigating the world of accident insurance claims can be a headache, in most cases even more so than the actual car accident itself. That’s why it’s always a good idea to seek advice from experts in the field, and that’s what The Advocates Injury Attorneys are for.

Serving the entire state of Washington, The Advocates know how to fight for you and equip you with the knowledge needed to make the best decision about your particular situation.

“We want to minimize the bad things: the stress, the unknowns, the fear,” said Ken Bills, owner of The Advocates. “We want to maximize the good things: the net amount in the pocket afterwards, the property damage repaired and good advice on where and how to pay for this treatment.”

With their experience, says Bills, the lawyers can help people manage everything from property damage to medical treatment after an accident. When it comes to property damage, Bills says people aren’t entirely sure who’s going to pay to replace the car, whether it’s worth buying a rental car or deciding whose insurance to use. Bills said they can either walk you through all of this information and let you reach out to all of the different companies, or they can do it for you.

Sometimes people aren’t even sure what type of medical care to seek or which doctor to see.

“These are all areas where we can help,” said Bills.

He added that if you think it is worth talking to a lawyer about it, it’s always a good idea to get in touch earlier. Bills said if an injury persists after an accident, it’s worth talking about. If it’s standard pain that goes away after an accident, this is probably not the time to call.

“We’ll talk to everyone,” he said. “If nothing else, we can give you advice and tell you what to look for or tell you that now may not be the time to hire us.”

The lawyers are committed to helping accident victims who need advice no matter where they are in Washington state. Let them help make a positive impact on your situation.

Get help for your accident!