Today marks the official launch of Arey, a new hair care brand that addresses the age-old problem of curl graying. But this new brand, co-founded by former Blushington President Allison Conrad and hairdresser Jay Small, tackles the problem without hair dye.

Instead, Arey offers a patent-pending, proprietary supplement called Not Today, Gray. Company executives say it’s the first supplement on the market that slows hair color loss and supports healthy melanin production by reverse engineering what happens in the body before hair color production slows down.

Developed by Small and Allison Gallo, a senior chemical engineer at MIT, the formulation contains vitamins, minerals, and an Eastern herb, FoTi, known for its anti-aging effects to delay the onset of gray hair at the cellular level . The supplement is also beneficial through thicker, fuller, softer and healthier hair.

More than 50% of the population will have 50% gray hair by the age of 50, with many seeing their first gray hairs in their 20s and 30s, according to Arey.

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