The day before, an aunt had announced “Ariel is awake” on the GoFundMe page, on which the family informed about the condition of Ariel. Aunt Tiffany Verhulst later gave details of Ariel’s condition.

“Ariel, while she’s awake, she’s not the same happy, free spirited little girl she was before that horrific crash,” she wrote on the GoFundMe post. “She has a long way to go in recovery and the things that once came easy to her will no longer be. We’re so glad she’s awake, but so sad about the toll this has taken on her body and brain. We are grateful for the continued support and love for her right now. No family or child should ever have to go through this. “

The fund on the social fundraising platform, which was earmarked for her medical expenses, had raised nearly $ 500,000 as of Tuesday afternoon.

The girl had been hospitalized since the February 4 accident in which a truck driven by Britt Reid collided with two cars, one that ran out of gas near Arrowhead Stadium and an SUV that had stopped to help Young and a 4 year old – old child sat.

Reid, who was the team’s outside linebacker coach at the time, is under investigation by police in Kansas City, Missouri. Reid told police he had at least two drinks before getting behind the wheel.

The 35-year-old Reid has been on leave for the remainder of his now expired contract with the Chiefs.

Andy Reid addressed the crash after the Chiefs were defeated in the Super Bowl.

“My heart goes out to everyone involved in the accident, especially the family with the little girl who is fighting for her life,” he told reporters. “I can’t comment on it anymore when I’m here. As for the questions you have, I have to say no to them at this point.

“But only from a human point of view – man, my heart is bleeding for everyone involved.”

The day after the Super Bowl, Reid told reporters that his son also had an operation. “My heart goes out to the young lady,” he told reporters. “I’m a father too, so I understand, so obviously I have concerns on both sides. Britt had an operation; he’s better now. That little girl, my heart goes to her. “

Court documents obtained from the Kansas City Star showed that at the time of the accident, which occurred shortly after 9 p.m. local time on an entrance ramp to Interstate 435 near Arrowhead, police had collected four Britt Reid’s blood vials. Reid told police he had a prescription for Adderall, a drug commonly used to treat attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder.

A police officer wrote in a search warrant request that he could smell “a moderate smell of alcoholic beverages emanating from himself” and stated that Reid’s eyes were “bloodshot and red.” A field sobriety test was carried out on site and again at a hospital where Reid was being treated for stomach pain, and an officer said he had observed “four indications of impairment”.