The integration of art into science imparts observation, creativity and joyful learning with better understanding.

Today there is an urgent need for an educational transformation. Art education has gained greater importance in the new information age. NEP 2020 has prominently focused on the need for a hard separation of topics and the need for art integration.

As a consultant for art-integrated education at Shikshak Parv, Ministry of Education of the Indian government, I dealt intensively with this topic and worked on assigning it to my school. I am proud and honored that my Delhi Public School, Nacharam, has been selected by the Central Board of Secondary Education to host Chitram, a workshop for teachers and educators. I am writing this piece about the greater need to promote art education in all schools today.

On the primary level, art integration consists of letters of the alphabet, languages, numbers, colors, shapes, indoor and outdoor games, puzzles for logical thinking and problem solving. It helps generate 21st century skills, creative research, problem solving, collaborative and collaborative work, social responsibility, communication skills, critical thinking skills, and health and wellbeing
In the basic phase, art integration in arithmetic can be used to learn to count, sort shapes, and create pictures for fine motor skills.

The integration of art into science imparts observation, creativity and joyful learning with better understanding. Drawing and painting, collage making, printing, photography, flowers and roots, poster making, etc. can be used to spread awareness.

In the English and social sciences, the use of illustration in poetry, prose, concepts, the use of graphic organizers, mind maps in grammar and social science concepts, the use of temple constructions, monuments, rangoli, geometric patterns, yoga and sports fields promote the art more integrated Classes.

In summary, it can be said that the effects of integrating art into the regular curriculum will be enormous, especially in the next few years. The change for teachers and students is a groundbreaking and groundbreaking change. As the saying goes, if we don’t change, we won’t grow. If we don’t grow, we don’t live. ‘

Sunitha Rao
Delhi Public School, Nacharam, Secunderabad

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