This internet cable was destroyed when a car crashed into a pole and the wires fell, with a live electrical wire starting a small fire.

Pizza Shack was one of many Moreau companies that lost internet and phone service when a car broke a cable on Hudson Falls Road. The restaurant closed on Tuesday afternoon and reopened on Wednesday. The service was restored on Tuesday evening.

MOREAU – A Tuesday afternoon car accident had far-reaching consequences for businesses and people working from home in Moreau.

The restaurants closed early after losing internet and phone service all afternoon. It was not restored until late in the evening.

Moreau Town Hall also went offline, forcing city officials to cancel their meeting and postpone it for 4 p.m. on Wednesday.

“We couldn’t comply with the open meeting law,” said Supervisor Todd Kusnierz.

The board has used Zoom video conferencing to hold public meetings during the coronavirus shutdown.

It all started when a car crashed into a pole on Hudson Falls Road. That knocked the wires down, including a live electrical cable and an internet cable.

The live wire ignited a small brush fire.

National Grid restarted the power cable at 3:30 p.m. and firefighters put out the fire. However, the road remained closed while Spectrum installed a new internet cable. The fire damaged the original cable.

Even if the cable had been in good condition, National Grid could not have helped get it back online, said Patrick Stella, spokesman for National Grid.

“Union rules would forbid us to touch their wire,” he said.