NEGAUNEE – Barb Palomaki and Marcia Pruett each went 2 for 2 to win the Kathy Gischia pitcher when Palomaki Family Chiropractic snuck past Paradise Bar 4-3 in a Class C game in the Iron Range Women’s Softball League on Wednesday.

Jessica Harper and Chastity Ellet were both 2 for 4 for Paradise.

In another “C” Game, Mary Peterson and Toni Tikkanen both went 4 for 4 with a pair of doubles when Pineshears Willey’s Tire Shop trimmed 17-11. Peterson added two hits from two runs to her collection, while her teammates Nikki Long and Kathy Johnson both played two doubles.

Val Morris and Laurie Gerst LeSage were 4 for 4 each as Morris included a pair of doubles to take the Eagles past UP Fabricating 18-2.

Winner Nancy Laine also finished 3 for 4 with a homer and a doubles to support winning hurler Elaina Treloar, while UPF’s Jessica Noskey was a double 2 for 3 and Renee Caya had a hit.

In Class B, Tracy LaJoie and Megan Blixt were both 2 for 2, while Jill Howard tripled in Pasquali’s 5-4 win over Globe Printing, whose Cass Krueger tripled.

Also in “B”, Liz Farley threw a home run out of the park and Macey Nault was 4 for 4 with a homer and triple when Jack’s Teepee overtook Martin Sports 37-9. Martin’s Ashlee kid homered and Traci Sundberg tripled.

LeAnn Saarela and Erika Bjorne both went 4 for 4, running Jasper Ridge Brewery past Dave’s Collision 18-10. Saarela hit a homer and a triple, while Bjorne had a trio of doubles.

Janee Gobert went at Dave’s pace with a home run.

Thalicia DellAngelo, Vanessa Briones and Tayler Gray all tripled to help 906 Sports Bar turn Quality Car Care 20-8 on its head. DellAngelo also hit a double.

Also the angular Signs Unlimited 16-15 from Venice-Hickey.

In Class A, Molly Wales hit a homer over the fence while Charissa Johnson was 3 for 5 with a walk when Screened Image-Venice 2 scored an 18-7 win over Buster’s, whose Heather Moore was 3 for 4 with a triple .

Also in “A,” Ashley Hughes and Mary Niemi each got 5 for 6 as Buck’s Party Store beat Tinos 24-17.

Hughes also scored four runs while Tino’s Amber Salo, who tripled, and Taryn Moyle both went 3 to 4.

Heritage Glove Repair had a goodbye.

Information compiled by Journal Sports Editor Steve Brownlee. His email address is

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