Barron Chiropractic will move from K Ave to downtown Vinton in mid to late May while Scott Barron sets up his practice in a building he knows.

“The building was an accounting office for years and my father (Mike) and Dick Curtis owned the building,” said Barron. “It was an institution in the church. When everyone is retired I will move there and hope to bring the building back to life. “

Moving downtown has been a goal for Barron for years. It’s a prime location for his growing practice, which he opened in 2015. He found that the heavy traffic and central location were perfect and that “nothing crazy” had to be done about the building to reopen it for business.

“It’s a beautiful building and structurally sound,” said Barron. “We had changed the carpet and added new color. The main thing inside was to open up the room and get rid of the filing cabinets inside. It will have a whole new look at the front. I will definitely have a lot more space and there is plenty of parking space in the back. “

Barron Chiropractic will operate during current opening hours once it opens its new location. Adjustments may need to be made to accommodate other business areas. However, Barron is focused on first learning how the move will affect his practice before making any changes. Barron will continue current chiropractic and sports injury and offer massage therapies from Staci Marten.

“The business world is always looking for growth,” said Barron. “I like the locale and the ability to walk to places. I think this is a great opportunity and I look forward to moving in. “

While Barron is not 100 percent sure when it will be finished, he hopes to be in his new practice by mid to late May or early June at the latest. Stein Construction, Edwards Plumbing, and McDowells all helped renovate the building.

“Everything is going very smoothly at the moment,” said Barron. “We hope we can finish the exterior in a week or two. Lots of people came by and asked about the work on the building. You are excited to hear that it will be used again. “

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