Like it or not, 2020 was the year of change. Many of us have reevaluated our lives and lifestyles while scouring Amazon for those must-have products that don’t really exist.

With stores closed, direct-to-consumer channels experienced a boom. The average American consumer spent over $ 5,200 online on health / wellness / nutrition last year. This resulted in a multitude of new direct-to-consumer brands, with beauty leading the way. The wellness industry generated $ 639 billion in 2020, more than double that of the tourism sector.

With this growth, one thing has become clear: TRUE Wellness is not a one-off event. In order to maintain mental and physical wellbeing, you need to address many aspects of yourself. This is where BeoFior, an innovative new wellness company, comes in. In response to the overwhelming demand of the home revolutions and the challenges in mental health and wellbeing, Beofior is building an innovative digital-first platform to support the holistic wellness lifestyle.

Hand wash with BeoFiorBeoFior

BeoFior means “Live True” in Gaelic and that is exactly what the new platform focuses on. The first launch is a skin care line called FIOR. There are currently three products in the range and two more are expected to be released in the coming weeks. FIOR is a 100% vegan, clean, plant-powered beauty program that contains premium raw materials like CBD / CBG / CBDA. The current product set contains Clarifying Cleanser, Radiance Serum and Awaken Eye Cream. FIOR’s view of skin care covers the entire well-being of the face. While most products focus on the immediate effect or long-term process of improving your skin, Fior’s breakthrough formula does both: it delivers instant results and it does its job to reduce lines, circles and even skin tone.

BeoFior has also scheduled launches in several other industries in the coming months, including; A purely digital platform to better understand a person’s individual wellness needs, sleep care, the beauty of Skip-Step, as well as a host of other exciting and important wellness needs.

BeoFior Serum HandBeoFior

Born from Gramercy Labs‘, one of the best digital incubators in New York City, BeoFior has a unique advantage in the wellness space. They can leverage the incubator’s network to leverage top notch media and content strategists, as well as close relationships with editors and influencers across multiple categories to tell their story. This is an excellent launch pad for a DTC brand, so we should be expecting a lot more from them in the months ahead.

Update: The founders of BeoFior have given us an exclusive discount code just for our readers! Use the code FIORFOUNDER50 at the checkout and get now 50% discount on your entire first order!

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