Winner: Healing Arts Chiropractic

Location: Fargo and Wahpeton

What sets you apart from your competitors or what is the secret of success?

“There are so many great chiropractors in the Red River Valley and we are so proud and humble to be among them,” says Operations Manager Melanie Paape. “We strive to bring health and wellbeing to our community one at a time, and we look forward to continuing to do so through chiropractic with all of our colleagues across the region.”

How do you intend to defend your title next year?

“Along with our core values, we keep our patients close and dear to our hearts. Our motto is: Patients come first and we hope that every patient who comes through our doors feels our love and dedication for them,” says Paape . “We are very honored to be voted Best of the Red River Valley for four consecutive years, and we strive to continue receiving that award.”

Second place: aspire to chiropractic

Third place: downtown chiropractic

Fourth place: Anderson Family Chiropractic

Fifth place: aspiring family chiropractic