CHICAGO, June 23, 2021 / PRNewswire / – PROHIBITION, the most sought-after luxury private member club, has sparked a seismic shift in the global wellness industry with an innovative and unparalleled approach to the concept of the good living.

Conceived by co-founders, Kevin Bohm, Joseph Fischer, and Robb Leone, and partners, Mar Soraparu, Chief doctor, Angelo Costas, MD and Chief Aesthetic & Beauty Officer, Julius couple, MD – Each of them has unparalleled expertise in the areas of finance, business, hospitality, fitness, lifestyle and medicine – BÂN is based on holistic wellbeing, vitality and social wellbeing. The pioneer club interweaves Eastern and Western philosophies; Concierge medicine; a characteristic holistic pharmacy; extensive yoga, fitness, pilates and studio program; cook-oriented food and drink offers; the most modern therapeutic modalities; luxurious spa, world class aesthetic and beauty services, and great social meeting rooms – all in one dynamic, design-driven space.

BIN’s 25,000 square meter space sets a new standard and is an industry leader the only private club in the world that offers this incomparable environment for health and social wellbeing. BÂN’s world-class health and wellness practitioners work together to create a supportive ecosystem that helps each member progress in a productive and sustainable manner on their journey to self-improvement. Each member is assigned a wellness advisor who will further support the members’ goals in actionable steps on their journey. BIN’s plans incorporate key practitioners such as nutritionists, life coaches, personal trainers, yoga masters, massage therapists, acupuncturists, doctors, and a host of others to assist with the journey. Regular, substantial check-ins offer the opportunity for dynamic, continuous growth.

BÂN’s individual and comprehensive approach to life includes:

  • Rooms that inspire. BÂN members experience unique spaces such as lively dining and social areas; a busy bar; a listening room with more than 1,500 tuned records that can be heard through a Macintosh sound system; a lounge and library area for reading or quiet conversation; a bedroom with HÄSTENS bed for restful sleep and more.

Karen Herold, Founder and director of Studio K Creative, presents organic, living beauty at every turn – and reveals a refuge that becomes an extension of your home.

  • Purposeful movement. BIÂN houses multi-purpose studio rooms for functional, future-oriented programming, including yoga, strength training, reformer and mat Pilates, meditation and individual sessions. BIN’s fitness areas are expertly equipped with the best cardio, strength training and relaxation equipment. The riverside location of the club also offers outdoor fitness activities in the summer months. Extensive private training program with experienced fitness trainers, functional workout setups for independent training, small group courses – and on-demand body and mobility work – enrich the fitness program.
  • Healing Hands. A range of curative treatments and services await the BÂN member. BIN’s spa offers relaxing, energizing and healing experiences that range from therapeutic bodywork and massage, acupuncture (both orthopedic and therapeutic), cupping, Gua Sha, Chinese herbs, medical Qi Gong and much more.

    Under the direction of one of the most modern experts in aesthetic medical care in the country, Dr. Julius couple, Members have access to aesthetic and beauty medical offerings, including BOTOXÒ, fillers, body toning / sculpting, micro-needling, laser treatments, non-invasive surgical procedures, and a range of facial and skin care treatments. The exclusive BIÂN Beauty line from Dr. Few rounds off the program.

  • Food for mind and body. BIN’s food and beverage program was developed under the direct direction of James Beard Award winner and restaurateur of the year, Kevin Bohm, also co-founder of the BOKA Restaurant Group. BIN’s curated selection of natural foods and drinks as well as an extensive menu were developed by our Michelin-starred consulting chef in collaboration with our on-site chef. A complete holistic pharmacy also stocks numerous products for long-term health and vitality, including Chinese and Western nutritional supplements, herbs and tinctures.

  • Concierge medical assistance. BIÂN has a beautifully designed, complete medical facility with an on-site laboratory that brings together Eastern and Western medical practices and provides our members with direct 24/7 access to medical care, including IV fluids, blood tests, micronutrient panels, and other services. Run by Dr. Costas – one of Chicago’s outstanding concierge medical doctors and Chicago Blackhawks doctors BIAN’s Medical Advisory Board includes a who’s who of the best doctors in the nations. They serve as team doctors for the Chicago Blackhawks, US Men’s Soccer, United States Volleyball and the Chicago Marathon and specialize in internal medicine, orthopedic surgery, sports medicine, naturopathy, and nutritional therapy.

BÂN’s medical experts work closely with the club’s wellness experts to provide fully integrated care and support each member’s holistic approach to a good life. @BIN # liveBIN

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