Blogilates creator Cassey Ho was not always famous for Pilates: she started playing tennis at a young age, and her father was her trainer, so of course she loved moving. In high school, Ho was preparing for a party and found Pilates because she had seen Mari Winsor Pilates DVDs. “I asked my mom to get it for me! I was amazed at how graceful and strong everyone was in these videos and I wanted to be like them,” Ho told POPSUGAR.

She practiced every single day after school and found herself so obsessed with this newfound way of moving. At first she would be so sore after each workout, but then she felt strong. That was when she got really hooked. She started teaching Pilates in college when a local studio helped her get her certification and offered her the opportunity to teach. It all started, but her path to fitness fandom was not always easy. Continue reading to learn about her experience of being Vietnamese Chinese and how she learned to see her culture as one of the best parts of her identity.