Owners Lisa and Paul Shearer opened the spa in 2020. (Photos by Wendy Sturges / Community Impact Newspaper)

After years working in traditional Nashville spas and skincare boutiques, Lisa Shearer, now co-owner of Bloom & Branch Organic Spa, said she felt the industry didn’t have enough natural products.

“I definitely love natural and organic products. [but] In my first few jobs they used a range of products with chemicals and other things, and I was dissatisfied with using those chemicals – not just on the customers, but on my body as well, “said Lisa. “When we knew we were going to go and do our own thing, it was very important to me to have natural and organic products.”

To fill that void, Shearer and her husband Paul began building their own spa in Nashville in 2017 before deciding to move to Franklin. In February 2020, they opened their Milk & Honey Facial and Wax Parlor store, which was renamed Bloom & Branch Organic Spa earlier this year.

The spa offers dermaplaning, tinting, scrubs, eyelash lifts, waxing, and a variety of facials, which Lisa says can help with a range of skin conditions by using ingredients with natural enzymes like blueberries for fine lines, coconut for hydration, and pumpkin exfoliating and exfoliating lighten.

“Our approach to skin care and the other services we offer here is more focused on the actual customer as a whole, a more holistic approach, and natural and organic skin care is just one element of that,” said Paul. “Lisa – when she’s with a client, it’s a very healing thing. It’s a restorative thing, and customers can feel it, and a lot of them come back for that reason specifically. “

Bloom & Branch also offers a range of skin care products for purchase at Ann Webb and One Love, as well as facial oils and scrubs developed by the Shearers. In the future, the owners hope to expand their in-house products and offer massages.

While the Shearers said opening at the start of a pandemic and changing their name wasn’t ideal, the support they’ve received from customers old and new in the Franklin community has helped them survive their first year.

“It was a very uphill climb, but we are tough [clients] who go all the way down to see us and my new Franklin clients are very good at word of mouth. We got a lot of support down here, ”said Lisa. “Many people are happy that we survived the storm and that we are still open and want to support us, and it is definitely growing.”

Bloom & Branch Bio-Spa

330 Mayfield Drive, Ste. D2, Franklin



Opening times: Tues.-Fri. 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., closed Sun.-Mon.

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