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Amy Munsterman, a recently licensed chiropractic doctor, has opened a new practice called Legacy Chiropractic in Aberdeen.

Her office, which began treating patients on December 16, is located at 221 Sixth Avenue SE, Suite 3. The building has a chiropractic history and was once home to Ivey Chiropractic. When Thomas Ivey retired, TJ Johnson took over the business and called it Living Life Chiropractic.

Johnson died in October at the age of 38.

The name Legacy Chiropractic came to Munsterman while pondering the history of the building.

“I wanted to reflect the history of the clinic. I know dr. Ivey, his grandfather was a practicing practitioner, so he’s a third generation chiropractor, so it’s been 90 years of chiropractic, which is actually pretty impressive because the profession has only been around for 125 years. This is how he captures his legacy of three generations and the legacy of TJ, ”said Munsterman.

Not only does the building have a chiropractic history, but Munsterman’s family as well.

Amy Munsterman is the daughter of Scott Munsterman, who owned his own practice in Brookings. Her uncle Chad is also a chiropractor in Brookings and owns MY Chiropractic.

It wasn’t until her first year of high school that Amy Munsterman realized that chiropractic could be a career for her.

“I grew up doing chiropractic, but I didn’t think about it or learn about it until I was a junior high school. I played hockey for about 10 years and I ended up getting a concussion in my junior year and my dad and uncle treated me, went through an entire exam process instead of just sitting at the table at home and adjusting quickly. It was like a complete process and I asked my dad and asked him, ‘What are you doing?’ ”She said.

After graduating from high school, Munsterman enrolled at South Dakota State University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree. Upon graduation, she enrolled at Northwestern Health Sciences University’s Chiropractic School in Bloomington, Minn.

During college, Munsterman returned to her roots – sports – and took electives to focus on exercise chiropractic at Northwestern Health Sciences University.

“I concentrated a little more on the sporting side throughout my school days. There is a performance center at the school so interns have athletes from different teams from all over the city, so I come to treat them and work with the vacuum and the massages and all that, ”she said.

While she had an athletic focus at school, Munsterman has never seen any athletes in Aberdeen. However, she hopes that will change as soon as she gains more experience.

“I’m new so I’ll work my way into it,” she said.

During her school days, Munsterman had little to no interest in having her own practice. That changed in her last trimester.

“After doing my internships, I knew I had a vision of what I wanted to do, how to run a practice, and how I wanted to deal with people,” she said. “Towards the end of the last trimester, I realized, ‘Yeah, I don’t know if I want to do something and I think I’d rather be my own boss.”

After graduation, Munsterman looked at different areas including Brookings and Sioux Falls but decided against both options and found an opportunity in Aberdeen.

“When that came up, it was like, ‘Okay, that’s realistic, here’s an opportunity if you really want to do this.’ That was quick, ”she said.

At Legacy Chiropractic, Munsterman works on muscles, performs chiropractic adjustments, cupping, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization and rehabilitation exercises. In the future she would like to be certified in acupuncture.

In practice, Munsterman is the only practicing licensed chiropractor. She looks forward to meeting the Aberdeen community.

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