GREENE COUNTY – Two teenagers and five adults were transported to nearby hospitals after a crash on Interstate 675 Sunday night.

Sugarcreek Twp. Fire Chief Josh Johnson confirmed to News Center 7’s Ronnell Hunt that nine people were involved in the multiple vehicle accident on I-675 northbound to Sugarcreek Twp. just before 9 p.m.

Two teenagers were transported to Dayton Children’s Hospital by CareFlight.

Another five people were transported to nearby hospitals.

>> After the accident, one was transported to the hospital in two vehicles on the I-75 SB

On-site emergency services report that three injured people are in critical condition. Four more were in stable condition.

Johnson said the Ohio Department of Transportation’s current resurfacing project may have contributed to the accident.

“ODOT is up here doing a resurfacing project. So only preliminary examinations. Obviously only people who do not pay attention to the flow of traffic with closed lanes. The car just wasn’t paying attention and switching and we had a vehicle that drove into two other vehicles, ”said Johnson.

Our on-site crew reported that the local animal control arrived on site and pulled two dogs out of one of the vehicles involved. The dogs were alive.

I-675 to the north reopened after previously being closed while the crews on the ground reacted.

We are working to find out more.

>> Victim identified in Auglaize County crash; Another seriously injured person in the accident on Saturday night