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CareIndia Health works with SRL Diagnostics to offer its patients holistic health care

Published on March 9, 2021

New Delhi : The detection and treatment of diseases is only possible with a timely and accurate diagnosis and blood test. To improve holistic preventive care, CareIndia Health – Wellness Pharmacy works with SRL Diagnostics to have their collection rooms in all CareIndia premises. They also offer house collection services. SRL Diagnostics is a NABL & CAP accredited laboratory founded in 1995 with over 441 locations.

CareIndia Health is offering an opening discount of 15% on the preventive health packages in March 2021.

A blood test is like a measuring device that shows the levels of disease in your body. Routine full body preventive health exams are essential for disease prevention and management. Routine tests allow them to spot signs of illness early on and make more informed decisions about their health and lifestyle. To educate its patients about annual health checkups, CareIndia Health is offering an opening discount of 15% on all preventive health packages for March 2021.

CareIndia Health is a holistic wellness pharmacy of the new age that ensures that all employees are certified pharmacists and that all drugs are only obtained from WHO GMP approved brands and manufacturing facilities. Most Indian chemists’ staff are generally not all certified. Often they have a pharmacist and residual helpers, which results in us treating ourselves from unlicensed individuals. The medicine at CareIndia is provided with a barcode (and therefore traceable) and is temperature-controlled. They also educate about the affordability benefits of generic drugs and only sell certified brands. There are numerous generic drug manufacturers, so it is important to only have WHO GMP certified brands in stock. The founder, Amritah Sandhu, moved from London to India to open an organized chain pharmacy and bring affordable, good quality medicines to Tier 2 and 3 cities in India. Their pharmacy is based on best practice models from the West, Boots in the UK and CVS Pharmacy in America.

Disruptions in drug supplies and regular testing can be urgent problems for people with chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. During the pandemic, it is important that patients continue to receive unimpeded health services. That is why we offer house collection services. Patients can have their blood tested in the comfort of their own home. Our focus is on providing people with good holistic primary health care, disease management and preventive health, ”said Amritah Sandhu, Founder and Director of CareIndia Health – Wellness Pharmacy.

The CareIndia pharmacy recognizes the priority of preventive health and disease prevention through proper nutrition and carries a wide variety of organic foods, gluten-free products, vitamins and supplements, and superfoods that you cannot find in your regular medical stores. They also supply baby products such as baby formula, medication, and other essential baby care items.

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