CENTERVILLE, Va., May 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Used vehicle inventory is scarce and used vehicle prices are at record highs. As market conditions change daily, CARFAX continues to help used car buyers make sure they are not paying too much for their next car. CARFAX has launched a new national television advertising campaign with three different commercials showing how using accident and damage history can ensure accurate vehicle prices. Accident history is the number one thing used car buyers look for in any vehicle’s history, and for good reason. CARFAX research suggests that consumers overpay for used cars by about $ 500 on average, if they do not know anything about damage information that was reported to CARFAX. Tens of thousands of traders also use CARFAX History-Based Value to determine the most accurate prices.

“We know vehicle history is crucial in determining value,” he said Joel Bassam, Marketing Director at Easterns Automotive Group. “The CARFAX History-Based Value-Tool helps us to determine the value on a VIN-specific level. Understanding a vehicle history has never been more important than in this unprecedented used car market. A vehicle history is crucial to know and to rely on. ” We take this into account at every step of the vehicle journey, from the auction to the customer’s drive home. Listing our vehicles on has been hugely successful for us and we attribute this to the work we have done to consider a vehicle history before we buy and refurbish it. At and on our own website,, customers can view both the CARFAX vehicle history report and history-based value to help them make informed decisions. Transparency is key to delivering as much value to the customer as possible. “

The new ads were created in collaboration with Oscar winner Framestore. Each one shows CAR FOX, which shows how two cars that look the same can have very different accident histories. With CARFAX you can find out how the history of a vehicle affects its value.

“CAR FOX continues its mission to help used car buyers avoid overpayments,” he said Tracey Holupka, CARFAX Director of Brand. “We hope these ads convey that there is more to a vehicle than meets the eye. Every used car has a story that determines its value. CARFAX has most of the accident and damage information so we are well positioned to help used car buyers understand what to pay for a particular vehicle. “

The spots humorously show used car buyers trying to tell the difference between two vehicles that look identical – but have very different values ​​- based on their individual story. The ads titled “Car Fox & Twins”, “Car Fox & Dad” and “Car Fox &” Miss Jane, ‘began broadcasting nationwide on network and cable television stations this month. “Car Fox & Twins” is a 15 second ad. “Car Fox & Dad” and “Car Fox & Miss Jane‘each have a: 15 and: 30 second version.

Buying a car is the second largest purchase most people make. At, consumers begin their search by requesting vehicles with a specific vehicle history. The search results show cars the selection of which matches on the basis of the information reported to CARFAX, as well as the value based on the CARFAX history, which can be used to determine which cars are “big”, “good” and compared to the requested price exhibit “fair value”. Each vehicle listed comes with a free CARFAX vehicle history report provided by the dealer.

Check out all versions of the new Carfax ads at:

CARFAX, part of IHS Markit (NYSE: INFO), helps millions of people every day safely shop, buy, maintain and sell used vehicles with innovative solutions based on vehicle history information from CARFAX. CARFAX has been an expert in vehicle history since 1984 and offers consumers and the automotive industry exclusive services such as CARFAX used vehicle lists, CARFAX Car Care, CARFAX History-Based Value and the flagship CARFAX® Vehicle History Report ™. CARFAX owns the world’s largest database of vehicle history and is recognized as a top place to work by the Washington Post and nationwide. Buy, buy, wait, sell – show me the CARFAX ™. Based in LondonIHS Markit is a leading global provider of critical information, analysis and solutions.

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