Britt Reid, assistant linebacker coach for the Kansas City Chiefs, was involved in a car accident that injured two children this week.

Britt Reid, the son of head coach Andy Reid, was involved in the crash Thursday night. In a statement, the chiefs said they would collect more information.

According to Death Palmer of KSHB in Kansas City, Reid’s vehicle was on an entry ramp when it hit two cars – one disabled vehicle that had run out of gas and another that had come to help the other vehicle. The Kansas City Police Department informed KSHB that two children were injured in the second vehicle, one with life-threatening injuries.

Reid told police he was drinking and one officer wrote that Reid had shown “signs of impairment”.

CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora said Reid will not be traveling to the Super Bowl with the Chiefs while the investigation is still ongoing.

Reid has been with the chief under his father since 2013 and has held various defense assistant roles.