Chiropractic + rehab = complete patient care, and the addition of physical therapy equipment can add to your bottom line

You would be surprised at the number of chiropractic clinics whose name includes “Chiropractic & Rehabilitation”. This is because the use of physical therapy equipment is part of a networked network for achieving wellbeing from the perspective of the nursing or health care team.

Add physiotherapy equipment

Of the chiropractic offices with in-house specialists, only 7% are physiotherapists – but expect this percentage to increase as the trend towards a more integrated care model continues.

“Chiropractors who perform physical therapy or have brought therapists to the office say it increases referrals, increases income, and expands the patient population,” reported Chiropractic Economics in April 2020.

“Adding physical therapy equipment helps people make adjustments to last longer, be out of the office and manage things themselves,” said Sean Riley, DC, owner of Tulsa Spine and Rehab in Tulsa, Okla – and they’re more prone to themselves to contact the office. “

Adding a physical therapist will also attract new types of patients, and patients will benefit from collaborations between their chiropractor and physical therapist. “By adding a therapist, the clinic can see a more diverse group of patients,” said Riley. “This allows the chiropractor to focus on what they’re doing and allows a physical therapist to do rehab protocols.”

Add permanent medical devices (DME)

DME is another way to bring chiropractic and physical therapy and rehab devices together when an increase in stability is required for proper healing. Chiropractors often offer lumbar and knee braces, but other types of DME can also benefit patients in this situation.

In the past, chiropractors were often inadequately reimbursed by insurance companies, which meant that chiropractic use of back and knee braces was rarely included in a treatment plan. However, ignoring the therapeutic or rehabilitative use of braces can adversely affect the patient.

This year, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, many of the rules for becoming a Medicare DME provider were temporarily lifted, allowing many chiropractors to offer this service. Accurate billing of DME with the correct codes is critical to reimbursement.

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