Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Senior Clinic Tutor, Daniel Heritage, explains that the chiropractic clinic at AECC University College will be open throughout the lockdown. He tells us more about the stresses that a change in routine and working from home can put on our bodies and how the chiropractic clinic can help:

Open during lockdown

“During this lockdown, chiropractors (such as physical therapists and osteopaths) were identified as key health services and clinics were told they could stay open during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“This is great news, not least because we are helping to take some of the pressure off the NHS by being open.

“We noticed that many patients were pleasantly surprised that we were open. We receive hesitant calls in the clinic from people who call on the occasion that we are open and who are relieved that we are.

“We have set up a lot of security processes. It is now mandatory for all staff and students working in the clinic building to perform asymptomatic tests for Covid-19 before starting clinical assignments.

“All employees wear PPE and we have introduced new procedures, protective equipment and tape to mark social distancing.”

A new normal

“Clinical staff and students have got used to the new requirements for wearing PPE and regular tests. It feels normal to us now.

“Even patients who visited us before the pandemic and have now returned feel that our new way of working is normal. You have got used to the routine and know what to expect. It’s great that you feel good. “

Stresses on the body during lockdown

“Many currently work from home and therefore do not experience the best ergonomic settings. By necessity or choice, they may be working from a laptop on their bed or on the sofa, and being in such positions for long periods of time puts different strains on their bodies.

“Working in this way is very different for the body than in normal work environments such as offices. We have seen many patients lately who find themselves in this situation experiencing an increase in back pain, mechanical neck pain, and headache emanating from the neck.

“People who are not currently working may find that they are more sedentary than they are used to. Some people have decided to use this time to tinker their house and they may have injured themselves in the process.

“It is unusual activities like this that can lead to stress: If a person bends down or twists in an unusual way, or carries and moves heavy objects, it can be painful.

“Maybe they’re just moving things around to make the house work for home schooling, work from home, and family life.

“We have definitely seen an increase in patients with lower back pain for this reason.”

Get the support you need

“People shouldn’t be afraid to contact us about their pandemic pain. Some people experience new ailments and pains, but hope that they will go away on their own. In general, it makes sense to seek advice if your symptoms have not subsided after a few days. “

Seek help in the clinic

“You may just need some advice from us and we can give you some exercises you can do at home.

“First we make a phone appointment if you are looking for help with pain. If, based on this assessment, we consider it appropriate, we ask you to come for an investigation. We can give you some advice on how to deal with your complaints and, if necessary, we can draw up a treatment plan for you to come to us.

“It is important to say that we are leading you to the best doctor who can help you when we are not able to help you.”

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