Newgen, one of Dr. Luan Nguyen Physiotherapy and Wellness Clinic, is expanding its services by recently moving from Mangilao to a larger clinic space – the Tamuning Clinic, formerly owned by Dr. Tom Shieh was inhabited.

The clinic’s name is a game on the pronunciation of Dr. Nguyen’s last name and also means new generation, said Nguyen.

The clinic, which opened in 2016, originally operated in the building of the American Medical Center in Mangilao, where Nguyen still works as a general practitioner.

“I started (clinic) and tried to solve problems. When I first moved to Guam, I noticed that it takes a month to send someone for physical therapy. I was trying to resolve that need, ”said Nguyen, and AMC already had a physical therapy services room. “I said let me try this entrepreneurial thing and try to solve this problem. From then on, our bread and butter is physical therapy, and I realized I wanted to contribute more, so we started adding wellness and other services. “

Nguyen, the clinic’s CEO, said he had two business partners – his wife, who is in charge of bookkeeping, and clinic director Leonard Campos.

The clinic has 16 employees, including physiotherapists, assistants, nurses, a health coach and administrative staff.

Full service rehab

“We take care of physiotherapy and wellness. We have set up a full-service rehab center where we treat various orthopedic and neurological problems, ”said Campos. “We also work with much of our pediatric population … children with cerebral palsy, as well as our stroke victims.”

Now in a larger room, the clinic added a children’s play area, with strengthening activities disguised as a game.

The NewGen Physical Therapy staff, from left: physiotherapist and personal trainer Joseph Taitano, Dr.  Leonard Campos, Dr.  Luan Nguyen, accountant Anh Phan and receptionist Janay Masga.

“We set up a clinic that enables us to meet all of these needs, from balance to strength. We offer a lot of strength training and surgical aftercare, ”said Campos. “We tried to create an area that heals and an environment that our customers want to be in. In this way we can help them achieve their goals. “

In addition to physiotherapy, one of the clinic’s services is strength training for athletes so that they can better compete for places on college or professional sports teams. Nguyen, who played tennis for the University of Maryland, said three Guam students who trained in Newgen are now playing tennis for college teams.

Nguyen practiced medicine in a Virginia clinic before moving to Guam.

More holistic ways

“It was a very integrative clinic, a lot of holistic medicine, aesthetic medicine, and that kind of thing shaped my view of the practice of medicine. … How do we combine nutritional supplements and more holistic ways and more lifestyle approaches that are built into traditional western medicine, drugs and newer technologies? “

“I’ve always believed in physical therapy, as conservative and natural as possible,” said Nguyen. “From there I added wellness services. We added a health coach so we have many diabetes programs and have had great success in reversing many diabetes numbers. Some people, we’re getting off medication. Some people are no longer diabetic because of the numbers. “

The clinic has also recently started home health services offered by nurses.

“Most people (discharged from the hospital) are stable enough to go home, but many of them may be disabled because they have had a stroke or have no family members and cannot go to the clinic,” said Nguyen. “Or they may need IV treatments so we can continue some of the care they had in the hospital.”

Newgen is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The contact number is 735-8000.

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