“Unless you’re using an advanced methodology and want to survive the economics of chiropractic today, consider getting high average patient visits while providing quality service.”

Chiropractors in the US reported that their average patient visits per week increased by more than 15%, from 142 to 168, in the latest Chiropractic Economics Salary & Expense Survey, which measures the pandemic months from April 2020 to April 2021.

Chiropractors have reported an increase in back and neck injuries over the past year from people who get used to working from home.

The Chiropractic Economics Salary & Expense Survey 2021 will be published in mid-May this year, but survey participants and chiropractors who subscribe to Chiropractic Economics for free or subscribe again (click here) will receive the survey results in late April. two weeks before going to press.

David Singer, DC, founder of David Singer Enterprises, says having a high volume practice with high average patient visits is especially attractive because insurance continues to play a lesser role in reimbursing chiropractic care.

“More providers are moving towards a cash-based practice, and chiropractors have two options – they can sell expensive cash plans or they can create moderate, high-volume fee plans,” he writes for Chiropractic Economics. “The latter is the only way to really grow further. You can develop a personal injury practice, but you must be lucky enough to be in a state that still has good chiropractic insurance. “

When chiropractors practice in states where patients have a deductible of $ 3,000 or more, many are forced to a bar model aiming at high average patient visits at an attractive price.

“You can offer a specialty like neurology that costs more per visit, but if you’re not doing an advanced modality and want to survive the economics of chiropractic today, consider aiming for high average patient visits while providing quality service . ” He adds that high volume does not mean poor quality.

Brent Detelich, DC, co-founder of Physicians Business Solutions, says the power of community is critical to building a successful, high-volume practice.

“First and foremost, I always wanted to help as many people as possible,” he writes. “A chiropractor who enjoys having multiple and frequent events for new patients – lectures, demonstrations, and more – will build a great reputation for himself. When I started in 1993, it took me two years to get 200 visits a week, then I started community events and that resulted in 550 visits a week. Within six months I had five clinics with 2,000 visits. “

The 2021 survey shows that pandemic conditions also saw an increase in sole chiropractors by around 6% to 63%, group practitioners / partners and employees, declining slightly, franchisees by 1%, and urban practitioners by around 3% % to 30%, while increasing in suburbs and rural areas Practitioners declined slightly, as reported by US chiropractors.

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