How do you explain Shiva, the god of destruction, from the prism of spiritual awareness? Dr. Mickey Mehta, a leading holistic health guru and corporate life coach, recently shared a Maha Shivratri special video titled “Saga of Shiva,” in which he talked about combining the endless saga of Shiva with the sacredness of spirituality.

“When people function spontaneously in their state of consciousness, it is flow. And it is a river because there is rhythm – the dance of creativity, the dance of Shiva-Shakti. Well, Shiva’s tandava dance is not only for destruction, it also leads to creation, because after destruction comes creation, “he said, adding:” Like the atom, the universe is also. “

Dr. Mehta went on to explain that in flow and devotion man becomes the universe, just like “how Shiva became Shiva”. He said it was important to be aware of the here and now, every breath and every breath.

“And with that a new self is born in you and at the same time the old self in you dies. That is why there is continuity and persistence in life. When cell regeneration takes place, your life goes on as the dance of molecules. And when you are aware of it, you will be aware of every moment that passes. And that will make your dance spontaneous and you will be the choreographer of your dance … and you will shape your life, ”he explained.

He also said that when you are conscious you can shape your destiny like a potter handles clay – he can take shape himself.

In the video that was part of a recent session, Dr. Mehta the participants to calm themselves down for only 10 seconds at first.

“When we stop doing and start being, our disturbed breath returns to the rhythm. When your senses calm down, when they naturally perceive everything in the environment, when your eyes do not see the illusion or the ‘Maya’, this is the time that you can perceive beyond matter and perceive what was before matter . “

You can watch the full video here:

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