Baseball fans in Washington, DC, were on the edge of their seats during the World Series last week, wondering if Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer would make it back to the hill for Game 7. Scherzer had been scratched from his start in Game 5 due to debilitating nerve pain in his neck and it looked like he would be out for good.

However, late Tuesday it was revealed that Scherzer had received both medical and medical attention from his chiropractor and that he was “good to go”.

Scherzer was further quoted as saying, “Our chiropractor, he’s doing a great job, he was able to go in there and make an adjustment. We did two treatments and really cleared the neck. The C5-C6 area, as well as the trap, the spasm, really felt like it had subsided. And even when I warmed up tonight, I felt really good. I am good to go. “

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Via the American Chiropractic Association

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